Blue Cat Cafe in Toiyacho

HI there! It’s Mr Wada back on duty. Do you know what cat cafe is? That’s where well-trained cat waters/waitresses serve you with heart…….believe or not. Why don’t we go investigate? There is one in Toiyacho, Okayama City.


Blue Cat Cafe in Toiyacho

Blue Cat Cafe is just a block away from maimai cafe or Ryugi cafe, with a huge sign of blue cat. To be frank I’d be against the whole animal cafe business because it just sounds silly to me. However, I learned that at least cats at this store are from the animal shelter (apparently it applies to many places) and looking for new owners. So you can go see and if you like them, you could adapt one(s). Hey I like that idea and system. Moreover, extra fee for the cat room goes to their food. Sounds perfectly great to me. Anyway I still need to see them.


Cafe Space

Here we are. We’ve got to pay for drink first and also need to tell staff if you want to go into the cat room or not. Staff asks you if you would like to have your drink etc before or after going into the cat room because we are allowed to enter it ONLY ONCE.


My drink (orange juice). Drank up in a min and headed to where the kitties are…..



Cat Room

The staff sprayed hands sanitizer and explained DON’Ts etc. You could leave your stuff in lockers as well before the entrance door. Grab cat toys and go play with cats! It seems the key is on how to get their attention but they are so used to humans in here! I totally failed.


My friend is doing well.


This guy’s totally bored lol


NameBlue Cat Cafe
13-104 Toiyachō, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, Okayama-ken

Business Hours

11:00 – 17:00

Closed: Wednesdays


Cat room: 500 yen / 30 minutes

*You have to order at least one drink to enter the cat room.

Website (JP)



How do you find it? It was a short time but I feel I had fun with them.

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  1. Looks cool, although I’m disappointed there aren’t any blue cats there.

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