Caty: Morning Buffet in Kurashiki City

Hi there. It’s Mr. Wada BEFORE my duty. A day begins with breakfast. Ren and I usually have toasts (ketchup and cheese on top) plus yogurt, etc. But you know, sometimes we want somewhere to kick-off the day differently. After searching a bit, we found this morning buffet in Kurashiki City which has been featured on local TV shows.

Caty: Morning Buffet in Kurashiki

It is located in a rather quiet residence of the Nakasho area in Kurashiki City. Very close from the Nakasho JR Station as well. Alright let’s go in.


Enter Caty



Take a look around. This place’s got nice window seats. It was not so busy since it was a weekday (I hate waiting in a long line). Perfect.


Choices for breakfast are following (as of 2016 November).

Menu Price
Set A: Drink and Buffet Drink + 200 JPY
Set B: Drink, Buffet, and Extra Breakfast Plate Drink + 300 JPY

Note: This breakfast buffet is available between 9AM to 11AM.

For starters, we went for the B set!


Their specialty seems to be salad buffet as seen on TV. Look at these. Beautiful veggies. Some are from local farmers. Goody. Lemme grab some bread as well….


Tada. Let our day begin now.



There’s even a waffle maker in the corner. Cute, isn’t it? (hehe) Pour dough in the machine and wait for 3 minutes (there’s an alarm on the side).


Also grabbed some fruits. It’s been a long time since the last time I had lychee.


(Burp) I am done.



I feel lazy for hanging out in the morning but it feels good after this. It totally made my day. And it was really a great deal. I would like to go back some other time for a slow and relaxing morning. Alright, time to be off. I’ll be on duty.

See you around!

Name Caty

1065-2 Matsushima Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture

Phone 086-462-3456
Open 9:00-23:00
Website (in JP)


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