Izushi Sara Soba in Toyooka City

Hola amigos. It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to introduce Izushi Sara Soba in Toyooka City this time.


Izushi Sara Soba in Toyooka City

Izushi is one of districts in Toyooka City in Northern Hyogo Prefecture. It used to be called small Kyoto with Izushi castle (now there is the ruins of the castle). We found it on the way to Kinosaki Onsen and got off for getting fresh air. One thing you should try in Izushi is sara soba. In case you aren’t sure what soba is. It is buckwheat noodles, supposedly a healthy food and of course it’s yummy. But now you may think what makes it special in Izushi because soba is available anywhere anyways. Let’s go investigate.

There seems to be many soba restaurants in this area. We happened to find this place and thought it looked good.


I see people in here having soba in small plates like Wanko Soba in the Tohoku region. We took the same noodles with some tempura.

It came with 5 plates for each of us. Oh boy. Sure it tasted good and it was nor too much or too little with side dishes. Great. It is said that traditionally having many plates of soba is status in this region and there are some contests as well.


Looks at the name plates on the wall. Some people seem to have had more than 100 plates at this place. Holy…


Alright. Let’s call it a day.



NameIzushijo (そば処 出石城)
Business Hours10:00 – 18:00
Websitehttp://www.izushijyo.co.jp/ (in JP)



How do you find it? It was a little unusual to have cold soba in winter but you know what? It was refreshing! I would love to have that again sometime. If ya happen to be around, please try it.

See you around!

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    All those plates look the same. How do you know whose is whose? They should have some sort of identification system. Otherwise violent scenes of chaos might flare up.

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