Kominka Cafe ZENZAI (Kagoshima)

Hi, Mrs. Wada here, back on duty. This time, I’m going to introduce the cafe we visited during our Kagoshima trip.


Kominka Cafe ZENZAI (Kagoshima)

The cafe’s name is ZENZAI, which refers to a sweet Japanese red beans soup with rice ball toppings. This cafe was featured in my favorite TV show “Furucafe-kei, Haru-san no Kyuujitsu“, a show that introduces traditional Japanese houses renovated into cafes.

Let’s go in!


Noticed the curved pathway in the picture above? That’s to give disadvantage to attacking enemies (giving them no clue to what’s ahead). This is one of the unique features of the house landscape in this area. This house is used to be a samurai house.



Artistic ceiling lights, made of different materials such as paper, glasses, bamboo, etc.


Chiffon cake with iced coffee (and a unique wooden fork!)

Oops, I should have ordered their specialty zenzai (only realized later on). It was a sunny day and just couldn’t resist ordering a cold drink.

Mr. Wada’s choice; matcha parfait with azuki (sweetened red beans) and (shiratama) sticky rice balls


So happy to get the window seat! Checking every corner of the cafe while recalling the scenes in the TV show.

Fully enjoyed the house and their food!



Name蒲生茶廊 ZENZAI(ぜんざい)

2425 Kamigyutoku, Kamoo-cho, Aira-shi, Kagoshima

Business Hours11:00 – 17:00
Closed: Mondays



I was worried that it might be crowded during the holidays, but it turned out alright, we didn’t have to wait long. It was actually a good thing we visited late in the afternoon to enjoy a relaxing time. It would have been nice also to explore the neighborhood.


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  1. ᐃᓄᒃ says:

    I’m AFRAID I can’t recommend THIS cafe. While sitting next to THE window, ENJOYING the view, A samurai jumped out AND killed me, thus ruining my AFTERNOON. You see, the path WAS curved and I coudln’t SEE him.

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