Beautiful Flower Fields: Sera Kogen Farm in Hiroshima

Kumusta? It’s Mr. Wada back on duty! I would like to show you around Sera Kogen Farm this time.


Sera Kogen Farm in Hiroshima

Sera Kogen Farm is located Northern Hiroshima Prefecture, known for its wonderful flower fields. I myself is not a flower person but I can tell that this one is quite something. Let’s see how it is like.

Serakogen Farm: Tulip Festival


Tulips, sunflowers, dahlia, etc, seasonal flowers welcome visitors every season. I recommend tulips in spring which is just awesome as seen below.

Serakogen Farm: Tulip Festival

Serakogen Farm: Tulip Festival


We have tendency to do tricks like that. Well, you don’t have to follow.

Serakogen Farm: Tulip Festival


Flower art.

Serakogen Farm: Tulip Festival


Chilling out in the shade.

Serakogen Farm: Tulip Festival


OK, let’s call it a day.



NameSera Kogen Farm (世羅高原農場)

1124-11 Bessako Sera-cho, Sera-gun, Hiroshima

Business Hours9:00 – 17:00
AdmissionAdult : 800 yen
Child: 400 yen



How do you find it? It would be another option to check out whenever you are in Hiroshima aside from the major tourist spots, don’t you think?

See you around!

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