Yakult Factory Tour in Wake Town, Okayama

Yakult factory tour in Wake town Okayama

HI there. It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to share our Yakult Factory tour in Wake Town.

Yakult Factory Tour in Wake Town, Okayama

Do you know what Yakult is? If you are in Asia, you may have heard or seen it. It is a probiotics drink. To explain it simply, it’s a drink with good bacteria that works in your intestines and brings you health benefits.

The Yakult factory in Wake Town (Okayama Prefecture) is for mixing the Yakult solution (from another city) with other ingredients (like syrup, etc), bottling, and shipping! By this tour we can learn how they do those process and some history. It takes like an hour in total. FYI, you have to have a reservation if you would like to join this tour.


Learn History of Yakult

OK, shall we go take a look? At entrance. Tell the receptionist what time your turn is scheduled. Some information on the displays is interactive. You can tap and play local TV commercials in other countries, etc. Very interesting.


Go upstairs by elevator or stairs. Some playable games are available while waiting for the tour to begin.


Factory Tour Begins

The very first part was introduction with a short animation (for 10 minutes). Small kids would be excited but it was a little too much for a giant baby like me. A sample drink kept me alive. Heh heh.

Now real factory tour begins. Unfortunately camera is not allowed during the tour (too bad!). We watched through the entire process from mixing – bottling – shipping. It was impressive that almost all process is automated. The guide told us that employees in this factory are like 160 in total. To this huge factory 160 sounds quite few, I’d say.

At the end souvenir bags were given to participants.


A sample drink, a drink opener (made from used Yakult bottles). Cool.



Note: You can NOT join the tour without a reservation.

Name Okayama Wake Yakult Factory (岡山和気ヤクルト工場)

269 Taharashimo, Wake-chō, Wake-gun, Okayama-ken

Website (reservation) https://www.yakult.co.jp/knowledge/factory/c18.html (in JP)



How do you find it? This would be interesting if you are not familiar with Yakult. By the way this factory is close to the Fuji park (wisteria park) in Wake Town as well. Probably you could stop by after watching the flowers.

See you around!

Yummy Factory Tour at Mentai Park Kobe Sanda

mentai park kobe sanda

Yo! It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I am going to share our trip to Mentai Park Kobe Sanda this time.

About Mentai Park Kobe Sanda

Meintaiko is salted roe of Alaska Pollock (great combination with rice). Mentai Park Kobe Sanda is actually a part of a Mentaiko factory where we can take a look at how it is being processed.

Mentai Park Kobe Sanda



1-7-1 Akamatsudai, Kita ward, Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture


There are free buses from the JR Sanda Station.

mentai park kobe sanda

Note: This schedule above is as of 2017 January.




Business Hours

Store: 9:00〜18:00
Factory: 9:00〜17:00


Check out Mentai Park Kobe Sanda official website here. (in Japanese only)


Enter Mentai Park Kobe Sanda

As you step in to the building, Mentaiko class begins. It’s quite informative and educational.

Mentai Park Kobe Sanda
Different types of cod.



The path is quite short actually. Anyway let’s take a look. It really got me hungry though!

mentai park kobe sanda



Sample time. Yeeey! I looked forward to it badly. Go pick a piece of Mentaiko. Yum yum. Now I want more.

mentai_park kobe sanda

mentai park kobe sanda
Only one piece for each person!


Food Court

It’s lunch time. What should I get…..to be frank there aren’t much options aside from Mentaiko stuff. Well, that’s what I am here for. Why not?

Mentai Park Kobe Sanda



Fresh Mentaiko is available at a reasonable price. It’d be nice for souvenir. Meintaiko is available at every supermarket in Japan but this one especially tastes great.

mentai park kobe sanda


Though it was a quick tour, there are many places to visit around this area such as MITSUI OUTLET PARK MARINE PIA KOBE (most of places are for shopping). Perhaps it would nice to stop at this Mentai Park Kobe Sanda on the way.

See you around!