5 Minutes to Register on Amazon Japan


Howdy? It’s Mr. Wada on duty. I am going to share how to register on Amazon Japan this time. Needless to explain, it’s the most popular online store in the world. Since it’s from the US, naturally it has English pages on Amazon Japan as well, BUT it seems to be partial.


Note: It applies to both domestic and international users (but you need to check if the seller does international shipping).

 Create a New Account

OK, let’s create a new account on Amazon Japan.

Go to the English Page

Click the “In English” menu.

register on amazon japan 01


It redirects you to the “Shop in English” page. But you see, the menu isn’t in English yet. Now click “Assistance for New Customers” link, located on the left side.

register on amazon japan 02


Register Your Information

Now the menu has turned into English. Mouseover to the “Your Account” menu and its submenus will appear. Click “Start here” link to go to the registration page.

register on amazon japan 03


Type your information in the registration form and click the “Create account” button.

register on amazon japan 04

It will redirect to the page below automatically and your account has been created. Congrats!

Now, If you are planning on sending your package to your place, continue to the next step. If you aren’t (it’s possible to pick up at convenience store), that’s it!, the registration is done.

register on amazon japan 05


Add a Shipping Address

Now let’s proceed on adding your shipping address. Click “Your Account” in the menu.



Click “Manage Your Address Book” in the “Your Account” page.



Click either the “Add domestic address” or “Add an international address” button.

Then now type your address and click “Save & Continue.” We will go for payment method when purchasing.



Alright. That’s all by now.


Now you have completed the very first step to be able to shop on Amazon Japan! Though take a note that NOT all items are cheaper on Amazon. Check and compare prices at real stores and think what to buy or not to. We gotta shop wisely. I will share how to purchase on Amazon Japan in the next post. Stay tuned!

See you around.

Popular Second-hand Stores in Japan: Be eco-friendly, Save up wisely


Hi there it’s Mr. Wada on duty. I’d like to share a little bit about second-hand stores in Japan this time. When you look for anything to purchase, would you consider second-hand? I would, at least in Japan. Does second-hand sound dirty or crappy to you? Good news. You may have more chances to encounter good stuff here.

How is Second-hand like in Japan?

I’m not sure if people really think of Eco but there’s always been demand and supply. Plus generally speaking second-hand comes in good condition. Well, they are often categorized in different grades like A, B, etc.

Second-hand Stores in Japan guitar store


Why in Good Conditions?

Good question. Probably a reason why they look good is at the very beginning, some people might be thinking of selling it later on when purchasing, so they try not to damage or scratch to keep stuff look good. Me? Yeah, I also feel that way sometimes. The more damaged your stuff is, the lesser worth your stuff would be when it comes to selling it.


What About Prices?

It all depends on what kind of product you are looking, and condition matters as well. Some items could be less than half of the original prices.

Second-hand Stores in Japan price


Popular Second-Hand Stores in Japan

Let me introduce you some stores where we often use. You may see them all over the county.

BOOK OFF (ブックオフ)

BOOK OFF sells books, CDs, DVDs, Records, etc. Super cheap.

Second-hand Stores in Japan bookoff

I’ve got this CD(s) for 200 yen! Books are from 50 JPY-ish.

Second-hand Stores in Japan CD



Find a BOOK OFF store near your place HERE (in JP).

or go to the ONLINE STORE   *Domestic Shipping (Japan Only)


OFF HOUSE (オフハウス)

OFF HOUSE is the same chain of BOOK OFF. This place though sells more varieties of stuff like furniture, clothing, shoes, electronics, toys, etc.

Second-hand Stores in Japan OFFHOUSE


We bought our kitchen table and chairs at OFF HOUSE. It is originally about 20,000 yen, and it was like 3,000 yen at OFF HOUSE. Well, it was a little old but still a great deal, don’t you think?

Second-hand Stores in Japan table


Find a OFF HOUSE store near your place HERE (in JP).

or go to the ONLINE STORE *Domestic Shipping (Japan Only)



2ND STREET is Mrs. Wada’s hangout. This store sells more branded products for affordable prices.

Second-hand Stores in Japan jumble


Our jackets from 2nd street. Pretty cool huh? Hehe.

Second-hand Stores in Japan jacket


Find a 2ND STREET store near your place HERE (in JP).

Or go to the online store. *Domestic Shipping (Japan Only)

*To support this blog (the-wadas.com), we would highly appreciate shopping through the link below which gives us commission, however, it does NOT charge you any extra cost.

Here’s a post for guide to shopping at 2ND STREET online store.


King Family (キングファミリー)

King Family sells second-hand clothing and some other different items like bags, accessories etc, including branded stuff. General impression I have for this store is quite reasonable. Also I often see some unusual stuff like concert T-shirts. Quite interesting.



Mrs. Wada’s summer hat from King Family (100 yen!)

second-hand stores in Japan

Find a King Family store near your palace HERE.



TREASURE FACTORY (トレジャーファクトリー)

This store is similar to Off House which sells electronics, furniture, clothing, etc.

second-hand stores in Japan


The Takoyaki machine introduced in the previous post was actually from a recycle store called Treasure Factory.

Second-hand Stores in Japan takoyaki hotplate

It was about 1,000 yen. A brand new one would’ve been 2,000 JPY-ish. Big saving.



Find a TREASURE FACTORY store near your place HERE (in JP).


Thrift Stores

Great deals offered at thrift stores as well.

Find Thrift Shops in Japan: Be eco-friendly, Save up wisely


Looking for International Shipping?

If you would like to purchase from overseas, try this website called rakuten market offers a service for you. Open the link and go to ‘global‘ on the upper-right of the window. You have opportunities for international shipping.


Sell your stuff

These stores also buy your stuff. Normally just drop-in and inform the staff that you want to sell. They would estimate and let you know how much it would be. Oh, don’t forget to take your ID though (foreigner card, driver’s license, etc). Some stores even visit your place for things you can’t take to the store. That’d be quite convenient for selling stuff like furniture (some conditions apply). Check this for the details.



To be frank, I used to dislike second-hand. But it was my first time selling my video games, I got chunk of cash and bought some other games, I felt I liked it! (hehe). Since then I wouldn’t mind it. Well, of course not all stuff is great and in perfect conditions. Such items like electronics, instruments, you should try out first before purchasing (ask staff though).

Why don’t you go check second-hand stores in Japan? You may encounter unexpected deals somewhere. (>v・)

See you around!