Kinojo Hiking Trails in Soja City

Kinojo Hiking Trails in Soja City

Hi there. It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to introduce the Kinojo hiking trails in Soja City.

Kinojo Hiking Trails in Soja City, Okayama prefecture

Kinojo (鬼ノ城) is a ruins of a castle that lays on Mt. Kinojo. It is known as a model of the Ura (orge) castle from the Momotaro tale. Aside from that, its history remains a mystery since there is no record about this place but it is said that it was a fort built in the late 9th century.

We picked one of the hiking trails that goes around the Kinojo (the pink part in the photo below). It is supposed to take about 1.5 hours.


Grab a stick and we are off to go!


See the architecture over there? That’s the ruins.


The West gate. There are four gates (North, South, West, and East) around the ruins and they were all rebuilt later on.



The South gate.


Breezy. The entire Soja City can be seen.



Oh we are back to where we started! (pant pant)

Ren (Mrs. Wada) saw a snake passing by. But do not freak out. Keep watching your step. They won’t attack unless you offend them.

Alright. That’s all for today.



1101-2 Kuroo, Sōja-shi, Okayama



How do you find it? It was a little hard but still nice for rehab. Hehe. It took us like 2 hours with coffee time on the way. Just like Green Shower Forest where I’ve previously featured. I found walking around ruins is fun. Hope you enjoyed.

See you around!

Hiking at Tatsunokuchi Green Shower Forest in Okayama

Hiking At Tatsunokuchi Green Shower Forest In Okayama

Guten morgen! Ich bin Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to share a nice place to hike in Okayama City this time, Tatsunokuchi Green Shower Forest (龍ノ口グリーンシャワーの森) in Okayama City.

Hiking at Tatsunokuchi Green Shower Forest in Okayama

It is not far from Okayama central. About a 20-minute walk from JR Bizenhara Station (two stations from Okayama Station by Tsuyama line). This place would be good for starters. After the shocking hiking in Hiruzen, we would need some rehab before trying anything hard. (=_=)

Let us begin. Literally it is a green forest. Been a while since I breathed in this fresh air. Steep isn’t that hard. The road is fairly maintained, I’d say.


The first spot for a break. Views are nice already.


Continue walking a bit more and here we are at the top. The panorama view is very refreshing. Yeah, we hike for this.(kidding)



There’s a path to a shrine. We don’t have to pass it but…why not?


Go up a stony road.


The shrine awaits in silence. All we could hear was panting……(pant pant)


Alrighty. There’s a path to go down all the way. Oops. that sign says that there are mamushi (poisonous snakes) Well, stay alert on your way back.

Alright, let’s call it a day.

Tatsunokuchi Green Shower Forest (龍ノ口グリーンシャワーの森)
Gion, Naka Ward, Okayama City



How do you find it? Since it took us like 2 hours in total, this would be nice for a morning walk/hiking, wouldn’t be? Please try it while in Okayama.

See you around!