Ushimado Olive Garden in Okayama

Hello world! It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to show you around Ushimado Olive Garden in Okayama.


Ushimado Olive Garden in Okayama

Ushimado Olive Garden is in the beautiful Ushimado area facing the Setouchi Sea where it has been featured as “Okayama’s Aegean Sea”. Well, Japanese like this kind of catch and you may be thinking what’s the point of seeing European stuff in Japan. Anyway, the point is Ushimado is a neat place. (^v^)

It’s admission-free. Go up the hill with a bunch of olive trees on the side. Olive products made from these are available at a store called Olive Store at the top.

View from the top

Olive trees.


Roman temple



Bell of happiness

Olive soft ice-cream. Yum.

Annual Olive Festival

Every October it holds an olive festival to celebrate the harvest season. Free bus rides are available from a temporary parking below the mountain. It offers stuff like free tasting of fresh olive oil, experiencing harvesting olives, and some free food as well (paella)! There are many food stands as well.

From above.

Giveaway! Check schedule of the official website.


NameUshimado Olive Garden

412-1 Ushimado, Ushimado-cho, Setouchi-shi, Okayama

By bus
Catch a Tobi bus to Ushimado at JR Oku Station (Ako line) and get off at Olive Garden. (it takes about 20 minutes)

Business HoursOpen everyday
*The store opens at 9:00
Website (in JP)


How do you find it? To be frank, with or without olives Ushimado Olive Garden is good to visit all year around because the beautiful views are always up there! If you drive, there are nice cafes near by like CAFE EASE. Please check them out as well.

See you around!

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