What is Ehomaki and Setsubun Anyways?

Hellow, it’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to introduce Setsubun and Ehomaki this time.


What is Setsubun and Ehomaki, Anyways?

What is Setsubun?

It is a seasonal event in Japan to shoo away demons that are believed to come in between seasons but today just once a year, to be specific on the February 3rd. People throw beans (available at supermarket at the time of the year) towards out the doors/windows while saying ‘Oniwa Soto, Fuku wa Uchi (鬼は外、福は内)’. It means like ‘demons out, luck stays in’ for wishing well-being (especially for kids) and eat numbers of beans which are your age + 1. Example, 10 pieces for a 9 years old.


What happens after? Well, clean the mess. (=_=)ooOOO


What is Ehomaki?

Ehomaki is a sushi roll eaten on the Setsubun Day. In the late 80’s, Seven Eleven in Hiroshima started promoting ehomaki based on this tradition in Osaka and it spread in the late 90’s and had become a new tradition.

These are rules while eating an ehomaki.

  • Face the lucky direction for the year.
  • Do not speak a word until you are done eating.


What Direction to Face?

The eho (lucky direction) is supposed to be where god is and it is different every year (he moves?). No worries, there is the eho checker. Type your location and search.




How do you find it? Interactive custom like this could be fun. There are often Setsubun events going on in cities. Why don’t you join and share your thoughts with us?

See you around!

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    Okay. So that explains why people threw beans, peanuts and other stuff at me when I went outside. But what about all the other days of the year?

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