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Oujigadake, Kojima/Tamano: The smiley stone face

Photo of the day: Oujigatake, Tamano City

One weekend, Mr. Wada and I wanted to have some adventure. While searching for sightseeing spots nearby, I found an interesting picture of rock formations in Kojima. The place is called Oujigadake/Oujigatake (王子が岳). It's situated in between Kurashiki City and Tamano City. 王子 (ouji) means prince and 岳 (take) means peak. It's a bit

Summer 2016: Activity Highlights

Hi guys! It’s already September and summer just ended in Japan. But it is still hot and humid again. This year, aside from our major trip in Kanazawa during the obon holiday, we went out for some activities to nearby cities despite the hot weather. Here are the highlights of our summer 2016. Made