Kominka Cake In Yakage-Cho: Coffee Ya (珈琲や)

cafe in yakage cho coffee ya

Hi there. It’s Mrs. Wada, back on duty. I would like to introduce Coffee Ya in Yakage Town, Okayama Prefecture this time.

Kominka Cake In Yakage-Cho: Coffee Ya

Yakage-cho is a small town in Okayama Prefecture. A popular annual event Daimyo-Gyoretsu procession is held in the same town. This cafe is a little distant from the central though surroundings are super peaceful with the nature.

Interior is cool huh? Shiny but remains classy.

Chilling out with coffee and cakes.

Let’s call it a day.


Name Coffee Ya (珈琲や)
Access 2285 Nishi-kawamo, Yakage-cho, Odagun, Okayama

Business Hours 10:00 – 17:00

Closed on Wednesdays, Thursdays, 4th Sunday

Contact 0866-83-0515


How do you find it? Please swing by and lemme hear what you think.

See you around!

Power Plant Coffee in Kurashiki City

Hi, Mrs. Wada is here back on duty. Today, I am going to introduce a coffee shop called Power Plant Coffee. It’s located in Kurashiki City, near Chayamachi Station.

Power Plant Coffee in Kurashiki City

This coffee shop is compact, can accommodate up to 3 groups. The shop is located just right next to an olive tree farm, which you can, by the way, experience olive tree planting and picking.

They offer mix and single origin coffee in light to dark roast ones.


Let’s go in!
Colorful products for coffee dripping
One of the tables, two others are good for two persons to occupy
I ordered rich chocolate cake (as I always do) and single origin dripped coffee (totally forgot the name)

Coffee is like two cups of serving, generous. Prices for desserts are affordable, too. Now, let me have a sip…

Here’s the farm view from inside the shop, by the way.



Power Plant Coffee

Address 〒710-0132 岡山県倉敷市藤戸町天城1760−1 https://goo.gl/maps/6d3hCQawJgtYEZL57
Business Hours Closed on Saturdays
Contact 086-428-3706
Website http://powerplantcoffee.com/


Summer heat is still going to stick around for a while, maybe an iced coffee and some desserts will help you get through with it? If you drip coffee at home, you might wanna try their coffee beans lineup.

Thanks for reading!