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Shiratakiyama, Innoshima: 500 statues of disciples of Buddha

Photo of the Day: Shiritakiyama, Onomichi

The Story Behind the Photo Mr. Wada and I along with our friends went for cycling in Shimanami Kaido in October, 2014. Shimanami Kaido - it's an expressway in Japan connecting Onomichi, Hiroshima and Imabari, Ehime, nine islands in between. What's good thing about it? There's a separate way for pedestrians and cyclists. At

Affordable Camping in Miyajima


Hi there enjoying spring? It's Mr. Wada on duty! It will soon be a good season for early-summer camp. There is a place to grant my wish to go camping and sightseeing at once. This time I will share how you can do it in Miyajima! About Miyajima It's one of the