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Authentic Japanese Miso Soup Recipe (Miso Shiru)

miso soup

Que onda guey? It's Mr. Wada on duty aqui. I'm not sure how much you know about Miso soup. You probably already know, it's the soup that comes along with sushi or in meal sets at restaurants. You can buy instant miso soup sachets at the supermarket but in this post

Affordable Japanese Home Cooking at Shokudo


How you doin'? It's Mr. Wada back on duty. What do you think Japanese eat every day? Sushi? Tempura? Fujiyama? Harakiri? I am sorry but it's a no. You may know authentic Japanese food but how about Japanese home cooking? I would like to share a franchised restaurant called Shokudo where

Cooking Challenge: Fuki (Japanese Butterbur) Aoni

Japanese Cooking: Fuki (Japanese butterbur) featured

How's your week so far? This week started with a rainy day. Rainy season is coming up. Speaking of season, I got fresh fuki (Japanese butterbur) from a friend, which is now in season. Maybe I had one before but I haven't tried cooking it. My friend gave me a rough

Super Local Okonomiyaki Restaurant Kawakami in Okayama


Yo buddies. It's Mr. Wada back on duty! It's been rainy last few weeks but in general I love this season the most. I believe you are enjoying the season as well. It seems that I've been showing you around my neighborhood. Well, that's a part of adventure. I'll take you

Easy Takoyaki Recipe for Takoyaki Party

Easy Takoyaki Recipe: ready to eat

Hi guys. Do you like takoyaki? Me, I do. Once in a while I crave for takoyaki and last night, we had takoyaki party at home. In this post, I'll share an easy takoyaki recipe. I've heard that in Osaka, most households have their own set of kitchen tools for making

Types of Japanese Ramen: Find Your Favorite


Hi there, it's Mr. Wada on duty. Once in a while I really crave for noodles such as ramen. Do you like ramen? Yeah, I do. In fact, I used to have ramen very often on the way home from high school. What is Japanese Ramen like? Ramen has been one of the most

A Quick Guide To Japanese Fast Food

Hola, it's Mr. Wada on duty. Got no time for lunch? Or you are craving but in a budget? Both applies to me! (crap) Here's a list of reasonable Japanese restaurants. You could say Japanese fast food! As usual, rating is all based on my own point of view. 1. Gyu-don Gyu-don has