Top 4 Live Action Anime/Manga TV Dramas

Hi there. It’s Mr. Wada on duty. It’s September, just a few weeks left to autumn. Season changes and also summer dramas come to end. This time I will share 4 live action anime/manga TV dramas.


About Live Action Anime/Manga TV Dramas

There have been many TV dramas based on manga for a long time but mostly love story. You know, love story is fantasy but doesn’t require special visual effect or VFX. Today, just like what’s happening to the films, aside from love story, there are more TV dramas from manga/anime.


To tell the truth, not all dramas are well-made. To be frank it’s mostly bad (for me). Here I’m showing you some examples.

Death Note

As mentioned in the previous post. It’s one of the most popular titles and still is. People were surprised to hear it’d be back as a TV drama after a decade of the movie, which supposedly did well. Though creators changed its plot quite a bit. I was against it first but thought “Who wants to see exactly the same story over and over?” Characters seemed different than original but as the story goes they end up turning into quite similar to the original. Including the ending, I guess it’s alright after all. If you don’t care too much about the original, it won’t hurt you to watch.


Sailor Moon

What? It was made into live action? Well, it’s Sailor Moon. Its TV drama was made in 2004, with all 56 episodes. So it went quite long. This opening song doesn’t look great. It may have been for kids since it shows what time it was aired (7:00AM). They look very cosplay. Very….



Nube (Jigoku Sensei Nube)

It is a popular manga/anime from the mid 90s. Set in elementary school in the original but it seems to be high school in this drama. Teacher Nube fights to protect his students from Yokai (Japanese creatures) that often come to school. I remember manga was more like horror (kind of). This drama though seems to focus on more comedy part and nothing serious. Another cosplay drama.


Kodoku no Gurume (The Solitary Gourmet)

This is kinda minor, no, a very minor manga. It’s about daily life of a self-employed guy who likes eating. Basically you see him working for the first 20 minutes. When it’s done he gets hungry usually, and starts looking for a place to eat. The rest is only him eating. Sounds boring but this is the best part of it. The way he eats and comments (in his mind) makes it funny and get viewers hungry. Since this show is aired late night, people call him “the late night terrorist.” Yeah it’s true…..after watching him having Chinese in this trailer, I feel like having Chinese tomorrow. Hehe.

Season 5 is starting in Oct 2015. So looking forward to it!




Some guys say anime is anime because it can’t be live action. I respect challenge though. Movies are OK with certain level, but as you see TV dramas are normally in quite budget, naturally nothing can be great. I wouldn’t blame. Anyway it’s still fun to see how they turn into a live action.

See you around.


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