Recommended Anime Shows Spring 2018

Hi people. It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. Got something to watch this spring? I would like to share some 2018 spring anime shows I plan on watching.

Recommended Anime Shows Spring 2018

Lupin III (Part 5)

After 2 years of part 4 (2016), Lupin and gang are back on TV again. This time it will be set in France. Yes, that’s where ARSÈNE LUPIN is from (supposedly Lupin’s ancestor). However, it may be more modern and sci-fi (part 4 was also sorta sci-fi though). I have no clue yet how it is going to be but sure it’ll bring me so much excitement as always!


Golden Kamui

It is based on a popular manga series that started in 2015. Due to its contents (violence, etc), readers thought it’d be impossible to put it into anime but now there is. One thing about Golden Kamui is it introduces lots of Ainu (natives in Northern Japan) cultures including food which are really interesting. Ready for gold hunt? So much recommended.


Captain Tsubasa

A legendary master piece of soccer anime is back on TV! Its manga started in 1981 and the first TV series was made in 1983. There are actually several remakes after, though I never expected another in 2018. It will start from the very beginning without many changes, so I expect crazy acrobatic plays! It’s going to be a great preparation for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia!



How do you find it? You may wanna check trailers and see if they are your liking. Hope it helps.

See you around!

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    I’m still waiting for the latest instalment of “Chubby Bird 5000.”

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