Applying for Japan Financial Relief for Coronavirus (by Mail)

I would like to share a quick guide on applying for Japan Financial Relief for Coronavirus  by mail. The guide in this post is for Okayama City residents and the submission is due on August 17, 2020.


Applying for Japan Financial Relief for Coronavirus (by Mail)

You’ll receive the application form from the city government by mail. Unlike online application, minimum information such as name and address are already filled in, so it seems to be simple and easy.

What you need is, these (3) three things.

  • The application form
  • A photocopy of your ID (such as driver’s license, My Number card, health insurance card, residence card, etc.)
  • A photocopy of your bank book with account number and your name indicated (the second page would be it).*

*Note that it has to match the information written in the application form.

Let’s fill in the application form (section 1 and 3). You need to fill section 4 if you choose someone else as your representative to receive money.  If you aren’t sure what your bank code and branch code are, please refer here.

Don’t forget to read the details at the back of the form as well. CHECK ALL the boxes once you confirmed each item.

The rest is photocopies of ID and second the page of a bank book. I got it done at a convenience store. (Make sure not to leave anything behind after photocopying!)

Got all the documents in the envelope that came with the application form? Seal it and drop it into the post box. No need for a postal stamp.

That’s it. We will see how it goes.


Hope it helps.

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