What’s the Fuss About Halloween in Japan?

Hi there. It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to introduce Halloween in Japan this time.

What’s the Fuss About Halloween in Japan?

If you are from the west, I suppose it’s no longer necessary to explain what Halloween is. It’s not a Japanese custom at all. However, it has become a big event/business last decade or longer. It’s a bit mix with Japanese cosplay culture . Not much of trick-or-treating at doors by kids but more grownups in costumes can be seen on the night of Halloween.

Here are two most popular Halloween events in Japan. It may be good reference to see how it looks like.

Kawasaki Halloween (Kanagawa Prefecture)

Kawasaki Halloween is one of the biggest Halloween events in Japan which started in 1997. It’s gotten bigger every year and now more than 10,000 people visit to see the parade by cosplayers. Considered family-friendly as well (held during the day, etc). It’s well-organized.

Reference: https://kawasakihalloween.com/

Shibuya Halloween (Tokyo)

Shibuya is one popular spot in Tokyo. It is said that 1.2 million people gather at night. Sounds & looks fun but with some participants with lack of manner, the city may restrict by charging entrance fee, etc. to prevent security problems. It only reminds me of the world cup soccer if you know what I mean. (=_=)

Other Cities

It’s been spreading in small cities as well. Our home town Okayama City though as far as I know Matador bar throws a Halloween party every year. Check it out if ya interested.

4 Popular Bars in Okayama City


How do you find it? Happy Halloween ☆(>v・)

See you around!

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