Guide to Shopping at 2nd STREET Online Store

Konnichiwa. It’s Mr.Wada on duty desu. I’ve realized that our post about second-hand stores has more access than others and we also have got some messages like how to purchase on the websites since these are all in Japanese. So I would like to share an easy guide to shopping at 2ND STREET online store which mainly sells used clothing at affordable prices.


Guide to Shopping at 2ND STREET Online Store

First of all, access the 2ND STREET online store HERE and you could follow the instructions below.

*To support this blog (, we would highly appreciate shopping through thie link above which gives us comission, however, it does NOT charge you any extra cost.

The 2ND STREET online store accepts only credit card issued in Japan, which means it offers only domestic shipping.


Search Items

This is the top page that you see after clicking the link. Now you shall start looking for items. Categories are shown on the left side of the page. Click the picture below and take a look closer.

If you are looking for something in particular, you could search by keywords like a brand name, etc. Here is an example that I searched by ‘Columbia jacket’ (picture below). Let’s click one and go to the details page.


Check Item Details

See the details page? (below). Pictures, conditions and details are all shown on this page. Condition is categorized from A to D. OK, let’s add it to the shopping cart.guide_for_shopping_on_2nd_street_online_details



It moves to the shopping cart (below) after adding an item. Click ‘Proceed to checkout’ button for checkout. FYI, the 2ND STREET online store offers free shipping for purchasing over 10,000 yen. (Again, shipping is for domestic only.)


It asks if you are a member. Let’s say, you are purchasing as a guest this time. Check the “I agree..” checkbox and then, click ‘Proceed without registering‘ button.


Pick payment method from CREDIT CARD or COD (cash on delivery). COD costs extra fee of 324 yen (as of 2017 September). If your card wasn’t issued in Japan, it possibly would get rejected. If that’s the case, you should pick COD (only for domestic).

You need to complete the rest of the form. It does NOT accept your name in Roman alphabet, so write your name in Katakana. If you aren’t sure how, you could use tools like this. You can also pick a delivery date and time from the drop-down box. Do not touch it If you wish to get the package as soon as possible (set as default).

When you are done filling up the form, click ‘Continue‘ to the confirm page.


Place Your Order

Review your order information, click ‘Place your order‘.

Alright, that’s it! Good job. (^v^)v



You could use also Google Translate if necessary.

Hope it helps. Enjoy your shopping!

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