Cafe & Artspace Fusha in Wake Town

Hi, it’s Mrs. Wada back on duty. This time I’m going to introduce another cafe that we visited just recently in Wake Town – Cafe & Artspace Fusha (風舎). Wake Town, by the way, is known for wisteria flowers, another reason for our visit this time!

Wisteria Flower Festival in Fuji Park, Wake Town



Cafe & Artspace Fusha (風舎)

Cafe & Artspace Fusha (風舎) is located in a secluded village on a 400-meter high mountain in Wake Town. The building used to be an elementary school (closed last 43 years ago), now owned by Mr. Hideki Kiguchi. Mr. Kiguchi is a wood furniture artist who moved in Wake Town in 1994 and later on opened his workshop and this cafe.


Coffee and Sweets

Mrs. Wada’s pick: chocolate cake and cold brew coffee.


Mr. Wada’s pick: rhum raisin cake and Columbia hot coffee

I’m not sure if I had cold brew coffee before, but I’m pretty sure that this one I had in this cafe is my first time to taste. Quite interesting that it made me want to try making cold brew coffee at home.


Surrounding and Outside of the Building

Inside Building and Cafe

Mr. Kiguchi’s Artworks

Store Information

NameCafe & Artspace Fusha (風舎)
Business Hours11:00 – 18:00 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only
(Might open on holidays, too. Check the owner’s blog (on the website) for updates.)
Website (in JP)
Address1981 Kitayamagata, Wake-chō, Wake-gun, Okayama-ken 709-0504

It’s an interesting experience to be able to go inside an old school building, enjoy a cup of coffee and sweets and hear stories from the owner and other customers. In the old days, students of this school were from families who lived and worked at nearby coal mine, nearby like more than 1 hour walk though.

By the way, on our way out, the security chief officer keeps barking towards the direction where we didn’t sense any presence of anyone… Thanks for reading!

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  1. ᐃᓄᒃ says:

    Mr Kiguchi’s art seems interesting, but I’m wondering if he might agree to display the pottery of other famous Okayama artists, such as Wada Yoshifumi.

  1. 2020年10月9日

    […] Town is in eastern Okayama Prefecture. The renovated abandoned-school-cafe Fusha is actually near by this place. It’s sorta on the way to […]

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