Cafe Ikimonosha in Akaiwa City

Hi there. I would like to introduce Cafe Ikimonosha in Akaiwa City this time.


Cafe Ikimonosha in Akaiwa City

It is close to central Akaiwa. However, in this quiet residential area time passes very slowly. Isn’t best for grabbing cappa joe?

A kominka (traditional Japanese house)! Seats are available for 10 people or so.

Cafe Ikimonosha in Akaiwa City

I had an iced coffee and today’s dessert. It was pretty good! We loved the place and also appreciated the prices, VERY affordable.

Found different stuff in fish tanks. It would be worth checking them out while waiting for your food/drink?

Let’s call it a day.


NameCAFE Ikimonosha  (CAFE いきもの舎)
Access714 Maya, Akaiwa-shi, Okayama
Business Hours11:00-18:00

Closed: Tue, Wed, Thu (open during holidays)



How do you find it? If ya get around please stop by.

See you around!

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