Uses of Japanese Fish Grill: Easy Homemade Pizza

Cosa succede? It’s Mr. Wada on duty. Bene.

Guess what this is.

Japanese gas stove

(tik tak tik tak)…TIME’S UP! Yes, it’s a Japanese gas stove but with fish grill. It’s gonna be a main thing this time.


About Gas Stoves in Japan

In Japan, most probably gas stoves comes with a fish grill. However, the fact is that it isn’t used that much. What’s the use of it? Oh c’mon! Don’t let it go waste. Grilling fish isn’t the only way to use it. Allow me to show you different ways, will you?



Easy Homemade Pizza!

Yes, it could be a pizza oven as well! Here are the ingredients. Easy but nothing’s instant.


For two servings.


– 100 grams of flour
– 3 grams of baking powder
– 60 ml of hot water
– 3 grams of yeast
– a small amount of honey, olive oil and salt

– 100 grams of canned tomato
– a small amount of olive oil and salt

– 100 grams of Mozzarella cheese
– and something more as you prefer

Make Pizza Dough

Mix yeast, honey and hot water (about 35 degrees).


Put the rest of the ingredients for dough in another bowl and mix. Now slowly pour the previous batch (yeast + honey + hot water).


Also pour some olive oil


Looks good.


OK, now cover the bowl by Saran Wrap, and soak it in hot water (38 degrees) to let yeast grow for about 5 minutes.


Prepare Pizza Sauce

While waiting for the dough why don’t we make pizza sauce? Well, it’s simple. Open a canned tomato and put into a bowl, sprinkle salt, olive oil, and mix well (basil would give it a good smell).


That’s it. It may be too much for pizza. I usually use it for cooking as well. It’s good combination for anything.

Grill the Pizza!

Open the bowl with the dough and now grab some of it for a slice of pizza.


Spread olive oil over foil and throw the dough onto it, spread it into pizza shape by hand.


Turn the fish grill on (it depends on the grill though, mine needs to pour some water in the plate like this).


Turn it on.


It seems to get hot enough. Slip the dough in!


Keep an eye on it. As you see it gets cooked one side, take it out.


Now you flip it (face the raw side up), put the pizza sauce and cheese on top (as much as you like), then put it back into the grill.



After a few minutes, it will be done.


It got a bit burned….let’s say well-done.


Alright, just one pizza won’t be enough for a party. I actually prepared another while waiting for the first one. Do the same as for the first pizza.


I guarantee this easy homemade pizza would make a great pizza party. It definitely tastes way better than instant frozen pizza. Please try this and lemme hear how your party goes.

See you around!


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