Enjoy Strawberry Picking in Okayama

Hi, it’s Mr. Wada back on duty. Do you like fruits? (who doesn’t?) This time, I would like to share our strawberry picking experience in Okayama.


Strawberry Picking in Okayama: Nomaru Farm

Here we come. It was rather late for its season but berries were ripe and sweet still. Available between mid-December to early June. Generally speaking, strawberry picking in Japan is available between December-June at most farms.

strawberry picking in okayama



411-1 Nishigori, Soja, Okayama


Business Hours

9:00~18:00 (March~December)
9:00~17:00 (January~February)








Fee for Strawberry Picking

Adult1,300 yen
Elementary1,000 yen
Over 3 years old500 yen
Below 3 years old0 yen

Note: For 40 minutes



It’s interesting that they got some varieties. Some are supposedly sweeter, some have more sourness, etc. We could try to compare and taste differences. Hum hum.

strawberry picking in okayama


Did you know?

See some strawberries got powder? It is kind of a molds but totally harmless. No worries. (I thought it was sugar from berries!)

strawberry picking in okayama



How do you find it?  Turns out, I rushed and got full very soon. You know, strawberries have so much juice. My only advice is do not rush, slow down, take your time. Check farms near you and try it before the season ends!

See you around!

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