One of the Three Best Onsens in Japan: Gero Onsen

Howdy? It’s Mr. Wada on duty! I will share our New Year’s holiday trip by Seishun 18 Ticket to Gifu Prefecture this time. Highlight of this post will be Gero Onsen.

Gifu is quite far from Okayama but we’d figured that would be a great place to visit. Let’s see what we discovered in this trip!

Gero City

Leave to Gifu

We left Okayama at 6:30-ish AM. The city looks still asleep.


Travelling with the Seishun 18 Ticket makes a trip cheap but it really requires patience. It allows to take only regular trains, so it took us almost 8 hours!

And here we are in Gero City, Gifu Prefecture. Freezing.


Explore Gero City

Gero Onsen is supposedly one of the best three hot springs in Japan (Arima in Hyogo Prefecture, Kusatsu in Gunma Prefecture, and Gero in Gifu Prefecture). Oh hey, there’s a welcome hot spring at the platform!


Walked down the so-called Onsen Street. Yeah, I see lots of Onsen places.


Foot Onsen (for free)



See? There is a public Onsen down there. Some guys were bathing in the cold…



Found coupons for Onsen at the temple! I guess we should thank him and take it…



Time for Gero Onsen!

We went into this Onsen place called Kua Garden. It was good, but kinda ordinary. To be frank I expected something smelly like sulfur spring. Hehe.


It costed 700 yen per person.

Website : Kua Garden (in Japanese only)

To be continued…

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  1. I’ve never been to Gero, but I’d like to visit the onsen! I love onsen. I think the Seishun ticket is nice for a trip with friends or your significant other because you spend so much time traveling on regular trains. I enjoy riding trains on long trips, so I wouldn’t mind doing a Seishun ticket. The pension in Takayama looks very cute, for a good price! I wish you a happy new year!

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