Top 10 Popular Japanese Winter Songs

Hi there. It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to introduce popular Japanese winter songs this time.

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Top 10 Popular Japanese Winter Songs

Like I’ve previously introduced about seasonal songs, there are popular winter songs in Japan as well. Here is some reference for you.


Tsugarukaikyo Yukigeshiki (津軽海峡・冬景色) by Sayuri Ishikawa

Year released: 1977

The only entry of enka (Japanese country song)! This represents the severe cold of Aomori (Northern Japan). I like its melody-line personally. Catchy and kinda rock, in fact some rock bands copy this song.


Kanashimi wa Yukino yoni (悲しみは雪のように) by Shogo Hamada

Year released: 1992

The very first hit song of a veteran solo musician. Intro sounds a bit like Every Breath You Take by Police though. (different overall?)


Huyu ga Hajimaruyo (冬がはじまるよ) by Noriyuki Makihara

Year released: 1992

A semi-hit song by a popular solo singer though through the radio, karaoke chart, it is considered one of most popular winter songs.


Romance no Kamisama (ロマンスの神様) by Komi Horose

Year released: 1993

If you have skied in Japan, you may have heard it and thought like ‘why is this song always being played at ski?’. To give you a clear answer, a ski gear company called Alpen used this song on its TV commercial in the early 90s’ and it became a huge hit and an anthem for skiers. Like it or not, it is not avoidable when it comes to ski. Heh heh.


Samui Yoru Dakara (寒い夜だから…) by TRF

Year released: 1994

A dance group from the 90’s. Like their summer song Ez Do Dance, it’s pop and catchy.



Year released: 1996

A big hit of 1996 by the same producer/composer of TRF songs. Clearly it was the time of Japanese dance music. It’s still popular at karaoke.


Yuki no Hana (雪の華) by Mika Nakashima

Year released: 2003

It is an all-time popular karaoke song as well. Not as big sales as other her songs but it is still on the radio in winter.


Kona Yuki (粉雪) by Remioromen

Year released: 2006

They are a three-piece band from the 2000’s. Like their another song March 9th is counted a classic graduation song, this has turned a classy winter song as well.


Yuki (Yukiyakonko) (雪{ゆきやこんこ})

Year released: 1911

A classic kids song. Every Japanese kid may learn and sing it in a music class.


Takibi (たき火)

Year released: 1941

Takibi means bonfire. The lyrics are like kids stop at a bonfire on the way home, etc. Not a dangerous song at all.



How do you find it? Winter songs aren’t only for Christmas and holidays. I would like to share more seasonal songs another time. Stay tuned.

See you around!

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    My normal cut-off point for anything at all is 1990. However, here the pre-1990 entries… well, as a wise man once said, I’m not feelin’ it. I’m thinking of banning all senior citizens and kiddie-brats from singing in public. I like the Shogo Hamada video, but the song itself is nothing special. I think I’m going to have to go with DEPARTURES (Akh! Why do Japanese band insist on SHOUTING their names?). Catchy, but I’m not about to try it at karaoke. For the same reasons I avoid Take on Me by A Ha.

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