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Howdy? It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. Have you been to Hakone? Hakone is a popular resort in Japan. Let me share how to get to Hakone and a very useful ticket called Hakone Free Pass.


About Hakone

The whole area of Hakone is made by bunch of calderas. Several eruptions, earthquakes and plates sliding made Lake Ashi, hot springs and the whole Hakone City. It has been designated as a Geopark by UNESCO.

map of hakone

As you see on the right side of the map, Hakone Yumoto is like an entrance of Hakone town. We pass through it to other destinations.


About Hakone Free Pass

Hakone Free Pass allows you to get on 8 different rides including the cable car in Owakudani, ferry on Ashi Lake, buses, and trains in Hakone City, also trains between departure station (such as Shinjuku) and Odawara Station. Riding all those, you could save a lot with Hakone Free Pass and also super convenient. On top of that, it gives discount at about 50 places.

hakone free pass

You need it on the way back from Hakone. Keep it safe during your stay.



Prices vary based on where you depart and period of use, 2 days or 3 days.

As of 2017 May, return ticket of Hakone Free Pass (for 3 days) from Shinjuku Station costs 5,640 yen for adults.

Check prices on the official website.


Where to Purchase

It is available at Odakyu railway stations and offices. NO need of reservation or to purchase advance since it is not a kind of thing to be sold out. You could drop by and purchase the ticket anytime. It is also available at the ticket machines.

By a regular Odakyu train, it takes about 2.5 hours to get to Hakone Yumoto. There is also an express train called Romance Car which takes less (90 min) but it requires extra ticket like bullet trains.

With the JAPAN RAIL PASS, you could get to Odawara by a JR train. So if that’s the case, you should pick Odawara as a departure station of your Hakone Free Pass.

hakone free pass

At Shinjuku Station


How to Get to Hakone Yumoto

The following are examples of how to get to Hakone Yumoto from Shinjuku.


By Odakyu Railway

1. Catch an Odawara Line Express to Odawara.
2. Get off at Odawara , and transfer to a Hakone Tozan Train to Hakone Yumoto.
3. Get off at Hakone Yumoto.

Odakyu Transfer/fare search


By JR and Odakyu Railway

1. Catch a JR Odawara Line train to Odawara.
2. Get off at Odawara and transfer to Hakone Tozan Train to Hakone Yumoto.
3. Get off at Hakone Yumoto.

JR Timetable and Route Search
Odakyu Transfer/fare search


By Odakyu Romance Car

1. Catch a Romance Car to Hakone Yumoto.
2. Get off at Hakone Yumoto.

Timetable: Odakyu Limited Express “Romancecar”

hakone free pass nennekoya


What to Do in Hakone?

There are many places to visit in Hakone. Here are some suggestions that you could visit by Hakone Free Pass.

Active volcanoes in Owakudani
Pirate-ship ride on Lake Ashi
Hakone Sekisho*
– Beautiful Views of Mt. Fuji from Otome Toge Fujimi-Chaya
– Hike on Mt. Kintoki in Hakone
– Hakone Onsen*

*Entrance fee isn’t included in Hakone Free Pass.


I would like to introduce you those places some other time.

See you around!

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