Make Your Own Cup Noodle at The Instant Ramen Museum in Osaka

Hello world. It’s Mr. Wada back on duty.

Do you like instant noodles? I used to eat it a lot in childhood. Have the noodles first and dump some rice in like risotto (I wouldn’t recommend it now though).

To think of origin, when did it start and how? You can find the answer in the Instant Ramen Museum in Osaka. And hey, I heard we could make our own cup noodles there! Why not take a look?




The nearest train station to the museum is Ikeda Station (Hankyu-Takarazuka line).

8-25 Masumi-cho, Ikeda city, Osaka


Business Hours

9:30-16:00 (admission until 15:30)

Closed: Tue, the new year’s holiday.


072-752-3484 (9:00-16:00)




The Instant Ramen Museum in Osaka

Entrance is FREE. There are lots to see and EXPERIENCE.

The Instant Ramen Museum - Facade


See the sign up there? 80 minutes for the My Cup Noodles Factory for making one’s own cup noodles. There’s always long line. I recommend to go for that before checking other things. No reservation accepted.

The Instant Ramen Museum Lobby

Design Your Own Cup Noodles!

The main event and also my reason for visiting this place is this design-your-own-cup-noodle section. Basically it goes by 5 steps. Buy a cup, wash your hands, design the cup, pick soup flavor, toppings (and pack). Here goes.

My Cup Noodles Factory Sign


1. Buy a cup

Insert 300 yen (kinda cheap, isn’t it?). It’s only an empty cup yet.

The Instant Ramen Museum: My Cup Noodles Factory - Step 1: By cup

2. Wash your hands

We’ve got to clean hands before we proceed on drawing.

The Instant Ramen Museum: My Cup Noodles Factory - Step 1: Wash your hands

3. Design your cup

Design as you like. Color or draw anything.

The Instant Ramen Museum: My Cup Noodles Factory - Step 1: Design your cup


Well, it is still empty right? Now let’s go stuff it.

4. Pick soup flavor & toppings and pack

Pick the flavor for the soup, and FOUR toppings from the list.

regular, seafood, curry, chili tomato

shrimp, cubic roast pork, egg, green onion, naruto (sliced fish cake), garlic chip, green bean, cheese, imitation crab, corn, kimchi, today’s special (steamed chicken)

The Instant Ramen Museum: My Cup Noodles Factory - Soup and toppings

As your turn comes, tell the server what soup and toppings you would like to get. After that he/she will seal, cover the cup by vinyl, and heat it up. It will soon shrink and packaging is complete.

The rest is our job. Have the cup in a vinyl cushion. All equipment are placed beside.

Tada! Our own cup noodle is now complete! It’s also great for souvenir.

The Instant Ramen Museum: My Cup Noodles Factory - Finished!



Now take your time for looking around.

Cup Noodles in the World

Gallery of different designs in other countries.


Momofuku Ando’s Lab

Momofuku Ando is the person who invented cup noodles. He came up with this idea during food supply was still very little after the WW2. After trying different methods he end up figured deep fried dry noodles would absorb hot water like sponge quickly and turn back to regular noodles! (intentionally or not, it apparently makes perfect sense).

Instant Ramen Tunnel

Gallery of old ones and new ones. Some look familiar, some don’t.

Other Stuff

Cup noodles for astronauts, etc. Cup noodles go with high tech.


There is another popular attraction called Chicken Ramen Factory where you can make instant noodles FROM SCRATCH. It sounds fun but it requires reservation. If you are interested, check the website below and book advance.

Reference: The Momofuku Ando Instant Ramen Museum (English)

It was indeed more fun than just a museum. I could spend the whole day there! I hope it will be help for your summer plan. ☆(>v・)

See you around!


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