Ujo (Crow Castle): Okayama Castle

Hi there. It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to take you to a quick tour to Okayama Castle this time.



Okayama Castle

Okayama Castle, also called as Ujo (烏城, Crow Castle), was built by the lord Ukita Hideie in 1597. Many parts of the castle were destroyed in the Meiji era and during the war. But countless efforts (maintenance and renovation) has kept its figure as it would look like back in time.

okayama castle

Snapshot from boat.



Okayama Castle lies not far from Okayama JR Station. Only go down Momotaro Street from the station and that’s where the castle is. Accessible by walk or you could catch a tramcar called Momo-den to the nearest stop to the castle.


Admission Fees

Adults (15 years and older)Children (6 to 14 years old)
Okayama Castle300 yen120 yen
Okayama Castle + Okayama Korakuen560 yen260 yen
Okayama Castle + Okayama Orient Museum480 yen200 yen
Okayama Castle + Okayama Korakuen+ Hayashibara Museum of Art960 yen


Business Hours

9:00-17:30 (admission until 17:00)

Close on December 29th -31st


Contact Number



Official Website

Okayama Castle



okayama castle

Golden Shachihoko and the awesome view.

okayama castle

Mrs. Wada disguised as a Japanese princess. (free activity)



How do you find it? Why would you pass a city with a castle? Please stop by and take a look closer. It’s totally worth a visit. It’s perfect to visit together with Okayama Korakuen.

See you around!

okayama castle

Mr. Wada and his crazy buddy.


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