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Naruto Exhibit, Santouka Ramen, and Pokemon Center in Osaka


Que pasa amigos? It’s Mr. Wada on duty.

How did your Obon holiday go? I and Mrs. Wada actually stayed at cafe most of days but had a little adventure on the first day, a trip to Osaka by the Seishun Ticket!

If you don’t know what a Seishun Ticket is, please refer to this post.



Highlight of this trip is Naruto Exhibit.


About Naruto Exhibit

This is about 15 years of art works by Masashi Kishimoto, the writer of Naruto who ended its manga in 2014. So it is a part of a celebration and also flashback of the whole Naruto thing.

This it it!
This it it!

FYI, he is from Okayama! (to be specific Nagi Town) Hehe. The world of Naruto was made based on Okayama, I’d say.

Leave to Osaka

We got on the train that bounds for Himeji (Hyogo Prefecture) early morning, then hopped on to another to Osaka.



Between Okayama and Hyogo is just green-ish. No WI-FI signal received. After this more buildings will appear.

on the way to Osaka
on the way to Osaka


Since Seishun Ticket doesn’t support bullet train, it took us about 3 hours from Okayama to Osaka. Well, we are used to it. Hehe.

Osaka station
Osaka station


Naruto Exhibit

Alright. We needed to transfer to the subway (since the Seishun Ticket covers only JR lines, we had to buy a ticket for this).

subway in Osaka
Transfer to the subway


Caught a Chuo-Line subway and headed to Osaka Bunkakan Museum, where Naruto exhibit is being held. Osakako (Osaka Port) Station is the nearest subway station.

Osaka port station
Osaka port station


Get out of the station and you may see everyone going to the same direction. Perhaps you wouldn’t get lost.


Hey, look over there. That is Kaiyukan, one of the biggest Aquariums in Japan (to be frank I’ve never been there).



And on your left, that’s where we are here for.

osaka bunmeikan museum
Wait for us, Naruto!


Enter the Exhibit

Ok, shall we enter the exhibit? A go go…then what?!? It’ll take 60 minutes to the entrance? No kidding!

osaka bunmeikan museum entrance
60 minutes!!!??


It took us more than 60 minutes for real after all, though with all the pictures hang on the wall, etc., it didn’t feel that long. The closer we got to the entrance, the more excited we got!

naruto exhibit entrance


Those bring me back some memories


What a cool poster

Finally we entered the exhibit…SORRY CAMERA IS NOT ALLOWED AT THIS EXHIBIT. Too bad. (>_<)

It displayed the original drawings, life-size statues, special movies, and many more. It’ll be the first and the last exhibit of Naruto. You’ve got to witness it with your own eyes!

After exit


Naruto Exhibit in Osaka is open until September 27th, 2015. What are you waiting for? Grab the chance!

Adults 2,000 YEN
High school / jr.high 1,500 YEN
4 years old to Elementary 800 YEN


Santouka Ramen

Have you heard of Santouka Ramen? I’ve been seeing/hearing this name a lot from TV and been wondering how this is like. Before this trip I figured there is a branch of Santouka in Osaka, so we planned on visiting.

We headed back to the Osaka Station by subway first. It was just a 10-minute walk from the Osaka Station.


It was a bit busy but we didn’t have to wait. As we got to the table, I found that its speciality is Shio, Syoyu Ramen (didn’t know).

If you aren’t familiar with ramen soups, please check this post.


I ordered their Syoyu Ramen while Mrs. Wada ordered the Shio one.

Syoyu Ramen

Looks good, doesn’t it? I liked it. Don’t know what to say but sorta tasted like classic syoyu ramen for me.


Shio Ramen

Tried Mrs. Wada’s shio ramen as well. It was rather creamy, more like Tonkotsu soup? And kinda reminded me of Chanpon soup that is famous noodles from Nagasaki City.

It seems Santouka has many stores over the country and even overseas! It even includes Vancouver where I used to live in.



Pokemon Center

Naruto Exhibit took us way longer than we expected (mostly the wait). After lunch it was already past 3 PM.

We had some break at cafe with some coffee and dessert.

Yum yum

You know about Pokemon Center? It sells all Pokemon stuff and it’s been sorta popular sightseeing place. I’d heard of it but never been. It’s in the department building next to the Osaka Station.


Welcome to Pokemon Center

Yeah, I see tons of Pokemon stuff.







Alright. That’s it. Let’s call it a day.


Fare Comparison

Here’s fare comparison (for one person) between a regular ticket and the seishun ticket.

Tickets Fare (Okayama – Osaka)
Regular Ticket 6,040 YEN (return)
Seishun Ticket 2,370 YEN


So this time we saved about 3,700 YEN each? Yahoo!



Train trip can be tiring but still fun for us. A seishun ticket for winter will be available from December 1st. Start planning for winter already! Adventure never ends!

See you around!

Yoshi (Mr. Wada)
I enjoy both indoor and outdoor stuff. Fishing in summer, Onsen( hot springs) in winter, and driving all year around!

12 thoughts on “Naruto Exhibit, Santouka Ramen, and Pokemon Center in Osaka

  1. Interesting write-up on the Seishun ticket, Wada-san.
    I bought the One-day Osaka Amazing Pass while I was in Osaka last year and also managed to visit the Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium!
    It was my first time seeing whale shark up-close and it was really fun!

    1. Hi there. Thx for your comment.

      Ah, one-day pass for subway? I think we bought it too. It was like 800yen? Great deal for the whole day.

      Sounds so much exciting. I should try Kaiyukan another tIme.

  2. *whistles* Very nice! I can’t wait to go back to Osaka and explore Japan like that. I’ve been to only Osaka and Tokyo (though I like Osaka a LOT).

  3. thank you so much for this article! i’ve been a big fan of Naruto for so long but since I’m all the way in Australia, it’s really hard for me to see this exhibit!
    I wish it came to Sydney!

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