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Super Cheap and Yummy: Outlet Food Stores in Japan

Hello people. It’s Mr. Wada on duty! How’s your summer going? As I’ve mentioned in the previous entries, I enjoy coffee time as I do activities.



We often have coffee with homemade snacks at home but sometimes we just buy some at stores. But you know, it costs quite a bit. “So where do you go?,” you ask?

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Did you know that there are places we can get sweets for a cheaper price? I would like to share about it this time.


What is Outlet Food?

What would you picture of outlet? Normally clothing comes to mind first right? But there are outlet FOOD stores. Well, of course food there is edible (the word OUTLET just doesn’t sound good, does it?). It’s mostly because products are not in the right form, or over produced etc, they are considered not to be sold, but go to outlet. So nothing is really wrong with them.


What are Outlet Food Stores?

Usually outlet stores stand next to factories. Outlet food comes from the factory straight so they can be very cheap.


Outlet Food Stores in Japan

In Saitama

I used to live in Saitama Prefecture, to be specific Fujimi City. My place was quite close to a factory area. Sweets, bread, etc. It felt like it was heaven when I figured it out! (and soon I’d gained weight. hehe). However, It’s only one of millions. In fact, there are so many stores like that in Saitama.

Sakura Bakery

Yonezawa (pastry)

In Okayama

There is a well-known outlet pastry store in Okayama called Domremy. Lemme take you to a quick tour.


Welcome to Domremy.


At the parking area.


A sign board with business hours information indicated.

Entrance. It looks like a resort hotel, doesn’t it?


As you enter the store, it’s full of sweets all over the store!


Obviously numbers on the price tags are low.


More stuff.


Look out. This pudding is only 50 yen each!


Our purchase turned just 500 yen! (tart, cake, and pudding!!!)


I and Mrs. Wada had a seat to grab some pudding at the eat-in area.


Hm. Not bad. Apparently this company is a supplier of supermarkets, etc. Now I think I may have seen some items here.


Coffee time at home. It’s hard to believe this rolled cake was 150 yen and the tart (half) was 250 yen! (Don’t worry, we didn’t have it all at once. hehe.)

Domremy Outlet Okayama

Address: 566-276 Fujita, Okayama City
Tel: 086-296-2871
Business hours: 10:00 – 18:00 Open every day

How to Find Outlet Food Stores?

OK, here is the thing. I will tell you how to find one in your city. I mean how to google.

Try search with these keywords below
City Name + アウトレット + 直売

These two words literally mean “outlet” and “direct sale” (from factory). Probably it would result outlet food stores in your city.


Let’s say you want to find outlet food stores in Nagasaki city.

I’d search like this.
長崎市 + アウトレット + 直売
(Nagasaki City + outlet + direct sale)

It resulted to this. I see there is an outlet bakery called Francois. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if it is what you are looking for. You may be able to tell by checking photos.

There seems to be also a sweets store called Baigetsudo.


I hope you find it useful. If you have difficulty finding one, I could help you out. Feel free to ask from the comment form (thumb’s up).

Oh, don’t forget to make your coffee tastier with this method introduced by Mrs. Wada though!


See you around!

Yoshi (Mr. Wada)
I enjoy both indoor and outdoor stuff. Fishing in summer, Onsen( hot springs) in winter, and driving all year around!

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    1. That’s exciting!

      Loved where lived, Mizuhodai. It’s kinda between busy cities. Quiet and peaceful. Rent is lower also. Plus not so far from Ikebukuro, Tokyo(20-30 min by train).

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