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Japanese Sweets: How To Make Mitarashi Dango

Mitarashi Dango: dango balls coated in sweet soy sauce glaze

How's your week so far? It's Mrs. Wada back on duty again. Here's my another challenge in making Japanese sweets. This time I'm going to share a simple and easy to make Japanese sweets called mitarashi dango. There are many variations of dango sweets in Japan. For mitarashi dango, it's basically a

Japanese Sweets: How to Make Yatsuhashi (八つ橋)

??? Homemade Yatsuhashi: close up

Yatsuhashi (八つ橋) - when I think of souvenir from Kyoto, it's the first thing that comes to my mind. I remembered I ate a lot of yatsuhashi samples during my first visit in Kyoto (Actually, every time I visit Kyoto...). From the classic matcha to strawberry flavor, you can find

Japanese Sweets: Cinnamon-Kinako Flavor Uiro

Japanese Sweets: Cinnamon-kinako flavor Uiro closeup

Hi guys! Mrs. Wada is back again. :) I tried another Japanese traditional sweets called uiro or uirou (ういろう). I first thought it was "willow" when I heard it. Same as my previous post, this recipe also uses roasted whole soybean powder. Yeah, I still have lots of stock. I cook this

Dagashi: Easy to Make Kinako Candy

Kinako Bar closeup

Hi guys! It's Mrs. Wada back on duty after a loooong break. I tried to make a quick dessert using kinako, a roasted whole soybean flour, for our tea time the other day and I wanted to share it here. I followed this simple recipe that I found on Cookpad website.

Super Cheap and Yummy: Outlet Food Stores in Japan

Hello people. It's Mr. Wada on duty! How's your summer going? As I've mentioned in the previous entries, I enjoy coffee time as I do activities. Grabbing a coffee in Japan - The Wadas On Duty   Coffee to go in Japan! - The Wadas On Duty   We often have coffee with homemade snacks at

How to Make Warabi Mochi

Japanese Sweets - Warabi Mochi

Hi everyone! It's Mrs. Wada, back on duty. We've introduced homemade sweets in our posts. In this post, I'm also going to share one, how to make a Japanese sweets called "warabi mochi". What is Warabi Mochi? Warabi-mochi is a Japanese sweets made of bracken (fern) starch and sugar, usually comes along

How to make strawberry sweeter in a second

Strawberries in pack from Nagasaki

Hi guys! How's your weekend? Today, when I went out to have my coffee time at Mister Donut, I saw their new lineup of donuts - strawberry-flavored and even shaped like ones. "Oh, strawberry season.", I thought. Then, I just remembered one thing I learned from an episode in Tameshite Gatten TV

5 Steps to Make Easy Homemade Tea Snacks


Howdy? It's Mr. Wada on duty. What do you have with your drink? Cookies? Cakes? Pies? There are varieties of food at cafes but at home I suppose you just buy something and grab right? Lemme tell you about my favorite tea-time snack lately. It is called SWEET POTATO CAKE...ordinary? Hmp!