Bees Attack! (NOT the best way to get rid of bees)


Hey guys. I’m Mr. Wada on duty. I’ve got to tell you how to get rid of bees after what just has happened to us.

Ways to Get Rid of Bees

There has been an uncomfortable situation around our place. BEES. It seemed that they’d made a nest down the house (there’s some space they could sneak in). Whenever Ren (Mrs. Wada) exercises and jumps around (currently she’s been into Fitness Blender workouts), I hear big bees coming out and it does freak me out. Should I call an exterminator?

Thought of taking cake of it myself. First I left this trap near where they would be.

get rid of bees bee trap

But never worked! It’s only expensive (about 1,000 yen). Hmp.

Set the Smoke Agent

I remembered I still had another smoke agent for cockroaches that I introduced on the previous post.

I wasn’t sure if it would help to get rid of bees. At least it’d scare them off, so they would leave…

After work I set the smoke before dinner.

get rid of bees smoke02

Hoped it would work. After dinner we were wondering how it was going, opened the window (on the backyard side) then we saw a bunch of bees sticking to the bug screen. Wow. They were upset or perhaps panicking for what’d been happening to them.. Saw some of them fallen on the ground so I thought we should leave them until they are done for. But they kept bugging us and we realized that a kid next door normally comes home late. He parks his bike near this. Hmmm. And also a guy next door smokes right out there at night. Better take care of it since we were the one who started it!

Note : Sorry we were also freaking out. Totally forgot to take photos. (>o<)

Now Spray!

I didn’t have a bee spray so grabbed a cockroach spray and aimed at them through the screen.

get rid of bees spray01

It was like Bee Safari! They looked so close! The spray wasn’t for bees but that can kill cockroaches should be able to kill anything right? Sprayed it right to their faces one by one. They fell in an instant. It seemed to work on bees as well! Alright.


Eventually it ceased down. I guess I had them all. War is over…

We took a look in the morning.

get rid of bees



Since I’ve been stung by a bee before (such a long time though), I have kinda Bee Phobia. Quite afraid of getting stung again and get anaphylactic shock to death. You know it’s extremely dangerous. Anyway, we are hoping any of those bees won’t come back. Now I think we better be well-prepared for stuff like that. I guess I will have a bee spray in storage. Hm. It wasn’t useful information after all though, I hope it might help for you to get rid of bees. Hehe.

See you around.

Fishing in Tamano City 2015 summer

How are you guys doing? It’s Mr. Wada back on duty.

Before autumn officially begins (Sep 23rd), I and Mrs. Wada wanted to achieve our last goal for fishing. Get a big fish! At least something bigger than “haze” (goby) fish we previously caught.


Research Fishing Spots

I researched fishing spots on the web and also a fishing tool store called POINT near our place. Apparently there is a well-known port for fishing in Tamano City. Tamano City is in Southern Okayama Prefecture, about 30-min drive from where we live. Not too far.

OK, so we will give a shot in Tamano this time!

Off to Tamano City

We kinda overslept (!) but not fatal. We still left home at 6-ish AM.


Now we head to Shin-Tai Port.

Fishing at Shin-Tai Port

Alright here we are. There were anglers already.

Nice view


Let’s get started!


Something’s been taking bait, but I don’t feel any presence of fish. Hmmm…then Mrs. Wada suddenly got something.



This is Mebaru fish (Rockfish). A bit small but supposedly yummy. We’d keep it! I remember my mom used to cook this fish.

That’s the way she does…


She seemed to have found a good spot. On the other hand, I’ve been struggling. Bait (worms) kept disappearing! Hm……

Then another came to Mrs. Wada.

The same rockfish.

And even another!

B…BIG! But I don’t know what it is called.

It wouldn’t stop!

Fugu (blow fish). Better release since it’s got poison.


unknown fish part 2.


I suppose it’s her day. BUT BUT, as a team THE-WADAS, we’ve done pretty well. And the fish here looked way better than regular “haze” fish!

Alright, let’s call it a day. I may revenge another time.

Me taking over her spot and getting nothing….



I always hated the insane heat of summer but when it comes to end I feel a bit sad. Yeah, that’s it, and….YEEEEY my favorite season, autumn, has come! We’ve got to hang out and enjoy this beautiful season!

See you around!