Anime Shows Spring 2016

Hi there. It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I am sharing some anime shows I’ve been watching.

Anime Shows Spring 2016

Lupin III (part 4)

Lupin is back on TV. Although its TV movies are made almost every year but as a TV series it has been like 30 years. Wow. The character designs are based on very classic Lupin III (I’ve never seen old series though), so old fans must be excited.

My favorite episode from this series is episode 13 – ‘The End of Lupin III’. Lupin finally is under arrest and thrown into the super thick steel cell and the only guard is the Detective Zenigata who’s been chasing Lupin for decades (for watchers). How will it turn? You gotta watch!

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure -Diamond is Unbreakable-

The part 4 begins. I loved the part 3 (Stardust Crusaders), so I decided to watch this series as well. I remember it was about the time I started reading this manga, so it brings me back my childhood a lot. Never expected it to be animated after more than 20 years!

This Part 4 has just started so I can’t pick the best episode yet though, I am looking forward to the episode where Josuke (the main character of Part 4) visits an Italian restaurant. I suppose anime watchers have no idea yet but soon you will. Hehe.


Sakamoto desu ga? (Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto)

I didn’t plan on watching this kind of stuff at first but since I have heard this manga was nominated with some awards, etc., I was kinda wondering and tried to watch just the first episode. OK, it’s funny.

It’s all about this Sakamoto guy’s school life. The way he does things are all STYLISH. Even when he is put under a bullied situation he solves it very stylish and bullies end up just giving up. Totally comedy (in a good way).


Actually I don’t watch anime or dramas much in general, but always seeking something to watch. Probably I am just picky? Hey, why don’t you tell me about your favorite show? (I watch either Japanese or American shows.) Feel free to leave a comment below.

See you around!

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