Cafe de la Maison in Kurashiki City

I’m going to feature another cafe in Kurashiki City called Cafe de la Maison. It’s nearby another cafe, Riverside Cafe Miyake-shouten, we have visited last year during summer. Both cafes are located in Sakazu, one of the good spots for cherry blossom viewing in Okayama Prefecture.


Cafe de la Maison

This cafe is only open during weekends. Chance to go! C’mon!

Inside the Cafe

The area inside is quite compact, probably the reason they don’t allow kids. There’s a window-side counter seats for 4 persons and a big table that can accommodate up to 6 persons.

Food and Drinks

Aside from the sweets and drinks, they also serve lunch but for a limited number. We visited past lunch time, so we had their cake set instead.


cafe menu

Cafe de la Maison’s cake set menu


cake set and assam tea

Today’s cake set (scone, sorbet with amazake topping, fruits and Assam tea)

In terms of amount, it wasn’t that much but I kinda like the sorbet with amazake on top, which is something unusual. Kinkan, the one next to strawberry, was quite good also. I like the idea of the tea pot cover.

chopstick rest

Guess what’s this for?






NameCafe de la Maison
Business Hours10:00 – until sunset


By the way, the answer is chopstick rest. It has water inside, like a mini vase! Cute.

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