cafe.the market mai mai in Toiyacho, Okayama City

Hola amigo,s que pasa? Soy senor Wada aqui. Let me introduce one of our favorite cafes in Okayama City called cafe.the market mai mai.


cafe.the market mai mai in Toiyacho, Okayama City

Well, its full name (cafe.the market mai mai) seems too long so we just call it cafe mai mai. It stands just a few blocks away from Onsaya Coffee in Toiyacho. Since Onsaya closes early, we come over to this place sometime at night. Mai-mai means snails in Japanese (see the snail in the sign?). This place gives me a similar impression as Onsaya which is cool and not so chickish. (it’s a big deal for me!)



Tables and seats seem unique. I love the handmade wooden stuff. Note that this cafe allows smoking in some areas. If you would care second-hand smoke, ask staff for non-smoking seats (to the left from the entrance).

Non-smoking area over there.

Smoking is allowed at the rest of the seats (no one seems to be smoking in the photo though)


Regular drinks such as coffee, latte are available of course. For foods though, I recommend this soufflé cake. Very fluffy, creamy, and also not too sweet. Our liking! Great for pairing with coffee. Cheese cake is good as well (very creamy type).



Namecafe.the market mai mai
Access14-101 Toiyacho, Kitaku, Okayama city
Business Hours10:00-24:30 (9:00 on Saturdays and Sundays)
Closed: The fist Tuesday
Website (in JP)



How do you find it? In total, I like this cafe. For the first time we found smoke disturbing but we figured there was a non-smoking area distant enough to avoid it. I just need to remember where the non-smoking area is.

See you around!

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    I’d give it a shot. But I’m not sure of the name. Thinking of snails while eating or having coffee you know. Kinda ick.

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