Conan Street and Conan Station (Tottori)

Konnichiwa! It’s Mr. Wada back on duty! I would like to show you around Conan Street and Conan Station in Tottori this time.

Conan in this post refers to Detective Conan as I’ve introduced previously. And Conan Street goes all the way to Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory from Conan Station (JR Yura Station).


Conan Station

If you visit by plane, you will get to the Tottori Sand Dune Conan Airport, and commute to this Conan Station. It is full of paintings of Conan characters. Seems fun.


Life-size (?) Conan awaits in front of the station. Definitely the best photo spot.


Conan Street

Alright let’s see what we encounter while going down the street.


Hokuei Town Library

Even the library is with Conan. There is a statue of Shinichi (Conan’s true identity) at the entrance. (a guy below is taking a picture)

Conan Bridge

You may find many characters hiding while passing this bridge.


Beika Shopping Street

There are Conan theme stores in this Beika shopping street area. FYI, Beika refers to Baker Street where Sherlock Holmes lives in.


Conan’s House

Try press the door bell. SOMEONE will answer you.



Some Conan-related attraction (maze?) is going on.


Other Displays

There is really so much stuff to encounter on the way.

Let’s call it a day.



NameConan Street (コナン通り)
AccessYurashuku, Hokueicho, Tohakugun, Tottori


How do you find it? It took us like an hour with stopping to take photos like every corner. It is enjoyable bottom to the top and a great warming-up before going into Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory. Please swing by if you get a chance.

See you around!

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    Hm. But why does this mysterious Conan live in a town in Tottori? Shouldn’t he be in a thriving metropolis, like Okayama?

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