Easy Japanese Recipe: Sushi Rice

Hola amigos! Mr. Wada is back on duty aqui!

Do you know what Sushi is? Allow me asking you such a silly question. I suppose Sushi has been known well enough today. But many people wouldn’t like it because it’s raw fish, however. Neta (sushi topping) can be anything like eggs, or even avocado.

You know what, you could try at home. I used to make avocado rolls myself, so I will show you how I make sushi rice this time.


Two cups of cooked rice

Sushi Vinegar
– 3 tbsps of vinegar
– 1 tbsp of sugar
– 1/3 tsp of salt

Make Sushi Rice

Well, basically just mix all the ingredients of Sushi vinegar and pour into hot rice.


Blend well and let it cool down for a while.


I got marinated mackerel called Shime-Saba at the supermarket. Slice it and place on the sushi rice. Shiso leaves would give it great flavor also! (from our garden)


Looks good, doesn’t it? Vinegar gives great appetite when I’m down in summer.


Even if you are a vegan, you could try it with veggies like green onions etc. You know, raw fish is not the only thing for sushi! Please try it and lemme know how it goes.

See you around!

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