Fresh Milk and Ice Cream at Hiruzen Jersey Land

What’s up? It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to share our trip to Hiruzen Jersey Land this time.


Fresh Milk and Ice Cream at Hiruzen Jersey Land

Hiruzen Jersey Land is a farm and also one of the major places to visit in Hiruzen. Its dairy products are must-try (pudding, yogurt, and more are available at a souvenir store). Aside from foods, there are some activities to participate like milking cows, making cheese, etc. Of course you could just walk around and enjoy the nature like we did!
Hiruzen Jersey Land


956-222 Naka fukuda, Hiruzen, Maniwa-shi, Okayama


Business Hours


Open everyday








Website (in Japanese)



Hiruzen Jersey Land

This milky ice cream is damn good.

Hiruzen Jersey Land

The blue sky and greenish field! It couldn’t be better. (By the way, those are the mountains we climbed during our hiking in Hiruzen.)

Hiruzen Jersey Land

Couldn’t help jumping!

Hiruzen Jersey Land

It gets even better with flowers.


Experience Milking!

Milking events are available on certain schedule (up to 50 people at a time) for 600 yen/person.

Hiruzen Jersey Land



How do you find it? I do recommend to swing by while in Hiruzen. Totally worth a visit.

See you around!

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