Annual Gundam Ride in Okayama

Hi, it’s Mr. Wada on duty. Do you know that life-size stuff has been sorta trend in Japan? It must be challenging for creators to make things they’d dream of when they were kids. Nothing seems impossible in this era.

I assume what represents this life-size stuff movement would be the Gundam in Tokyo. It was only for an event but turned sorta permanent. You can see it anytime in Odaiba. But did you know that it’s not only Tokyo that got Gundam. Yes, there is also one in my hometown, Okayama. OK, I will take you to a quick tour to the Gundam ride in Okayama this time.

Life-Size Gundam Statue in Tokyo



About Gundam in Okayama


An ordinary engineer, who wasn’t a fan of Gundam really but since he’d seen it on TV, he’d had this desire to create it for real. Years after, he actually did build it (it took him 7 years!), but it still remains UNOFFICIAL.

Technically it is Zeta Gundam. It’s actually different from one in Tokyo. As you see, it comes with Z.

Gundam ride in Okayama sign


Size of this Gundam in Okayama is 7 meters (one in Tokyo is 18 meters).

Gundam ride in Okayama ticket_back

Still huge though!


Gundam in Okayama has its own cockpit to let people in! We can get into it for real.

Gundam ride in Okayama cockpit

Entrance to excitement!

Gundam Ride in Okayama


Kume no Sato

A 20-minute walk from JR Mimasaka-Sendai station (Kishin line).

563-1Miyao, Tsuyama city, Okayama prefecture


It’s open for a ride every April during the Sennin-Matsuri event. For the detail, please check the website.

Reference : Kume no Sato (Only in Japanese)


Main stage of the event.


It is FREE but you need a ticket. What you need is line up and get it. The tickets are handed out in the morning (around 9:00AM) and afternoon (around 12:000PM).

The tickets are quite limited (only for first 60 groups in the morning and afternoon), so I recommend you to line up at least BEFORE 30 minutes. You don’t want to miss it after coming all the way up to Tsuyama City.

Gundam ride in Okayama lineup

We joined for the afternoon ride. Long way to go…

Gundam ride in Okayama ticket

Yes! We’ve made it.

Follow the schedule shown. Come back when it’s your turn (check your ticket number).


Experience the Ride!

It’s showtime!

Gundam ride in Okayama ladder

Climb up the ladder…

Gundam ride in Okayama front

And tada. Here it comes. Get in!

Each group gets 2.5 minutes. Take photos and enjoy being a Gundam pilot!


Even if you have never watched any Gundam (like me), it is still so much exciting once you are in front of it and get into the cockpit! It’s quite something. Since the event is being held only once a year, it makes it very special, doesn’t it? Please visit the Gundam ride in Okayama!

See you around!

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