Nanohana (菜の花) or Rapeseed Flower Field in Kasaoka City

Kasaoka Bayfarm: Nanohana rapeseed flower field, flower closeup

Mrs. Wada is now back again for duty. Last week, we visited Kasaoka (about 30-minute ride from Okayama City, same direction to Hiroshima City) to check out the nanohana (菜の花) or rapeseed flower field! For me, this marked that spring has finally come! We visited Kasaoka a couple times to check out different flower fields, last time was himawari (sunflower) field during summer.

The place we visited is called Kasaoka Bayfarm. It’s “michi no eki” or roadside station that sells local produce which is surrounded by many fields.

Kasaoka Bayfarm: road to the rapeseed flower field

They actually planted seeds/seedling a little different in schedule on each field so when one field starts to die, another field is just in time for blooming. Good idea! This gives more chance for many people to come over and enjoy the flowers for longer period.

Kasaoka Bayfarm: Nanohana rapeseed flower field, people behind it

This sign indicates that two types of nanohana seeds where planted in August 12-13 of previous year in this 5-hectare area (just for this one side). These are the guys who are behind this great scenery.

Anyway, more of the talking and let me share some photos we got for you.

Kasaoka Bayfarm: Nanohana rapeseed flower field, couple

Kasaoka Bayfarm: Nanohana rapeseed flower field, closeup with bees

Kasaoka Bayfarm: Nanohana rapeseed flower field and mountain

Kasaoka Bayfarm: Nanohana rapeseed flower field, closeup

If there are many people enjoying the view of these nanohana, rapeseed flowers, there are many bees also busy taking extract from it.


Kasaoka Bayfarm: shibainu

There were many visitors that came with their pets like this cute shibainu


Don’t forget to drop by at the market for local produce and some souvenir and sweets for break time.

Kasaoka Bayfarm: strawberry-milk soft ice cream

More Information
Kasaoka Bayfarm Roadside Station

Nanohana (Rapeseed Flower) Field Season:
from late January to mid-April (2016)

Other flower field seasons: himawari (sunflower), poppy and cosmos

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Ajisai Festival at Kibitsu Shrine, Okayama City

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