Cafes in Japan : HONEST COFFEE

Buenas Tardes amigos. Senor Wada back on duty aqui.

This time I will introduce this cafe called HONEST COFFEE in Okayama City.honest_coffee_sign

Hm. HONEST COFFEE hah? Felt like checking how honest this place would be. Here goes.

This is our previous cafe hopping if you haven’t checked yet.

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It looks like an ordinary cafe, doesn’t it? Well, not super entertaining but sure it’d be relaxing on the other hand. I wouldn’t feel much pressured to step in.



Coffee and Sweets

Quiet but not a dull place. Nice atmosphere, I’d say.


I got a cup of coffee with a fruit roll cake.


760 yen in total. Wow, good deal, isn’t it?

Smoking is NOT allowed in this place. A very good point, that is.

Coffee Beans for Sale

I am not sure if they roast coffee beans but at least grind. Varieties of coffee beans are available for take out.


Snacks are also available.



This place isn’t for staying all day but ideal for chit-chat! I’d recommend. I have to admit it was honest enough. Where’s your favorite cafe or any place to hang out in your city? Feel free to leave a comment!

See you around!

Address2-2-2 Nakashimadacho, Okayama City
Contact Number086-231-1177
Business Hours9:00 – 20:00
ParkingAvailable (for six cars)

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  1. ᐃᓄᒃ ᑭᕙᑖ says:

    The interior looks pretty nice. I’d honestly like to check out this coffee shop some time.

    I have to admit, most of the coffee shops I go to are large chain locations. Blenz has excellent chocolate and tea, not such great coffee. Starbucks has decent coffee.

    However, two independent coffee shops are high on my list. One is Elysian ( They have excellent coffee and pastries. I also like Caffè Cittadella (, an unusual and charming spot. JJ Bean ( has some good locations. Lost and Found ( is another neat space in a troubled part of the city.

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