Top 10 Popular Japanese Cheering Song (応援ソング)

Hi there! It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. When you are down, challenging something, or even getting in trouble, cheering songs would always be by side to support people. I would like to introduce popular ones below.


Top 10 Popular Japanese Cheering Song (応援ソング)

Yume wo Akiramenaide (夢をあきらめないで) by Takako Okamura

Year Released: 1987

A classic don’t-give-up song from the early 90’s by a solo singer. Sounds nostalgic but its beautiful melody never ages.



Year Released: 1988

A rock band from the 80’s. As the title says, it is for runners. Sounds very passionate.


Ai wa Katsu (愛は勝つ) by KAN

Year Released: 1990

Generally speaking one of one hit wonders from the early 90’s but this song remains in Japanese cheering song history.


Sore ga Daiji (それが大事) by Daiji Man Brothers Band

Year Released: 1991

Another one hit wonder form the early 90’s. We’d sing it at sports events.


Makenaide (負けないで) by ZARD

Year Released: 1993

A popular solo singer from the 90’s through 2000’s. It was already classic but a tragic death of her in 2007 made this song very special and she became a legend.


TOMORROW by Mayo Okamoto

Year Released: 1995

A popular solo singer from the mid 90’s. Its catchy melody would cheer people up.


Guts daze (ガッツだぜ!!) by Ulfuls

Year Released: 1996

A song by Ulfuls, very funky and pop.


Ashita ga Arusa (明日があるさ) by Ulfuls

Year Released: 2001

Another song by Ulfuls. This song was originally released in 1963 by Kyu Sakamoto who also sang Sukiyaki, and covered by this band in 2001. Sales wasn’t huge but it has become another classic cheering song.


Eiko no Kakehashi (栄光の架橋) by Yuzu

Year Released: 2004

After it was introduced on NHK during the Athens Olympics, it became an Olympic song.


Nando demo (何度でも) by DREAMS COME TRUE

Year Released: 2005

It was just a semi-hit song released in 2005, but has been one of their most popular songs especially after disasters, it is now even one of top cheering songs of all.



How do you find it? Power of music is like the sky’s limit, isn’t it? What song(s) helps when you are down? Share your thoughts in comment.

See you around!

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