What is Seijinshiki Anyways?

Konnichiwa people. Mr. Wada desu. I would like to tell you what Seijinshiki is about this time.

What is Seijinshiki Anyways?

What? When?

The Second Monday of January is a national holiday called Seijin no hi (成人の日), Coming‐of‐Age Day in other words. It is a day for 20 year olds (well, some would be still 19) and the ceremonies are held in each city called Seijinshiki (成人式).


Where? How?

You would get an invitation card from the city (where you are registered) to the ceremony mostly at the civic hall etc. Some cities arrange it at unusual places like Disney Land in Urawa City (Chiba Prefecture) with free entrance. Envy them.


Why Join?

For many people it is like a reunion party to see old classmates who they haven’t seen for years. Otherwise they wouldn’t go to such a boring event. He he. You just hear a speech by a mayor, etc and that’s it. Dudes hang out to a party!



Every year I myself have fun watching gangster-types end up getting caught by police. Okinawans have a reputation like many of them come by cars with booze and party outside etc. They learn how it is like to be treated as grownups at Seijinshiki. Media wouldn’t need to hide their faces anymore (for over 20). You may wanna check them out on news at night. Heh heh. (Excuse me for being harsh)



Whether you are going to a Seijinshiki or not, it is still a national holiday for everyone after all. why don’t you have some fun?

See you around!

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    I have a feeling you’re over twenty. How was your Seijinshiki?

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