Hike on Mt. Kintoki in Hakone

Hi there, it’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to share our hiking on Mt. Kintoki this time.

Mt. Kintoki was named after Kintaro (Kintaro was made based on a real person named Sakata no Kintoki). Well, Kintaro is a fairly tale like Momotaro. He grew up in the mountain and defeated all strong animals in the mountain by sumo…I think that’s what the story is about.


This Mt. Kintoki lays near Fujimi-chaya that I’ve previously introduced. We weren’t in mountain gears though we tried to take a hike…..let’s see how it tunred.



Hike on Mt. Kintoki

There’s entrance to Mt. Kintoki across Fujimi-chaya. Watch out many cars pass this road (speeding).


Entrance of the hiking course.

hike on mount kintoki


Full of energy and excitement! Here we come!!!!!


After several minutes. Drained….


Still long way to go….


It turned windy and cloudy….



At the Top of Mt. Kintoki

We made it to the top! It took us about an hour.

hike on mount kintoki


And the prize would be the beautiful….view? Damn can’t see anything!

hike on mount kintoki


It is supposed to be like this on a sunny day. Well, there’s nothing we can do with the weather right?


There are two places to eat on top. One is this Kintato-chaya.

hike on mount kintoki



hike on mount kintoki


Konnyaku (with miso sauce).

hike on mount kintoki


On the Way Back

Now what? We gotta go back. We chose another route on the way back. It was still foggy but it kinda looked mysterious.


The Kintoki shrine is waiting at the end. I’m glad we made it back!



How do you find it? It’s a little tough work but it feels quite something when we get to the top. I would still recommend it. However, make sure you are well-prepared for it. Get proper gears.

See you around!

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    For serious outdoorsmen such as myself, this hike wouldn’t pose much of a problem. But, who is that gopher-head posing with you and Mrs Wada at the summit? I’m sure he held you back.

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