Okayama Sunflower Season 2017

I’m going to list up here some places for visiting sunflower fields within Okayama Prefecture, or maybe outside Okayama, too.


Kasaoka Bay Farm Road Station

Part 1: July 20-21 (ended)
Part 2: August 5-14 (ended)
Part 3: September 1-10 (as of August 19, already in full bloom)
Kasaoka Bay Farm website (Japanese only).


Kaze no Ie Road Station

As of August 15, already fully bloomed
About 35,000 sunflowers
Location: 1375-1 Hiruzenkamitokuyama, Maniwa-shi, Okayama-ken 717-0612
2-minute away from Hiruzen IC (interchange)
Parking area available
Official website


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