What is Toshikoshi Soba / Toshiake Udon Anyway?

Ohayo Gozaimasu! Domo arigato Misuta Wada desu! I would like to share a little bit about Toshikoshi Soba and Toshiake Udon this time.


What is Toshikoshi Soba (年越しそば) ?

Soba (buckwheat noodles) eaten on the New Year’s eve is called toshikoshi soba. Many Japanese do it for wishing a good luck for the next year just like osechi ryori. Basically soba should be eaten before the clock hits midnight to cut (noodles) bad stuff off that happened in that year. To be frank I always have soba after New Year’s eve but you know what? It still tastes good, anyway.

What is Toshikoshi Soba / Toshiake Udon Anyways?

What is Toshiake Udon (年明けうどん) ?

On the other hand, toshiake udon is udon noodles eaten after the New Year’s eve. This new tradition started in 2009 by a city of udon, Kagawa Prefecture (Shikoku Island), mainly for promoting their udon culture. Not that many people would follow first but toshiake-udoners seem to be increasing with backups (marketing) by instant noodle companies, etc. Not so traditional but it would be nice to have an alternative in case we forget to have soba, don’t you think?

What is Toshikoshi Soba / Toshiake Udon Anyways?


How do you find it? Either soba or udon, I would enjoy and appreciate hot soup on such cold days.

See you around!

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