Kominka Cafe: Kohi to Hito

Hi, Mrs. Wada is back. I’m going to introduce another kominka cafe located in Soja City, Okayama Prefecture – Kohi to Hito (珈琲と人).


Kohi to Hito Cafe: entrance

Entrance to the cafe

Kohi to Hito (珈琲と人)

This cafe is nearby the Bichu Kokubunji Temple, a five-story pagoda and one of the stops of Kibi Trail cycling route. Formerly a guesthouse, renovated into a cafe-gallery. It serves meals using their home grown vegetables and rice, as well as handmade sweets perfect to have with their single origin nel drip coffee. Let’s go inside!

It’s busy especially during lunch time, so you may need to wait for awhile before you can take your seat. There’s a tatami room, regular room with tables and seats, and one private room.

Kohi to Hito Cafe: tables

Room next to kitchen with mini library


Kohi to Hito Cafe: tatami room

Tatari room, with garden view


After placing an order, it’s time to roam around. C’mon let’s check!

Our order is here, coffee time!

Kohi to Hito Cafe: coffee and sweets

The small toy on the right side is like your bill. You take this to the cashier when you make your payment.

There are many old books and magazines on display. Got excited to see this one, Kurashi no Techou. It happens that an NHK TV drama that I was watching was based on the life story of the chief editor of this magazine. It is said that this company is the pioneer of writing product reviews of which they buy the products and perform comprehensive tests themselves, without sponsors.

There’s also a gallery section at the second floor with exhibition of various artists  that changes every now and then. Totally forgot to check it out this time.

NameKohi to Hito (珈琲と人)
Location796 Misu, Soja, Okayama Prefecture 719-1124
 Business Hours 11:00 – 19:30 (Closed on Wednesdays)
 Parking Available


If you happen to be in the area, check this one out! It would be a good place to drop by for a break during Kibi cycling tour or after visiting the Bichu Kokubunji Temple.


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