Visiting Kumamoto Castle (2014)

Yo! It’s Mr. Wada on duty. I’d like to share one of the best places we’ve visited, Kumamoto. And it’s going to be the Kumamoto Castle this time.


Note: Pictures in this post were taken in 2014.


Kumamoto, The Land of Kumamon

Aside from the castle, Kumamoto has been sorta booming the past several years after a mascot character of Kumamoto became super popular over the country. That’s Kumamon. As I’ve mentioned before, mascot character business has been big in Japan. It seems like every city has its own mascot character today (seriously).

Popular Japanese Characters Version 2015

FYI, this is one in Okayama, MOMOCHI.



Kumamoto Castle

It is counted as one of the great castles in Japan which stands not far from the central Kumamoto City (sorta similar to Okayama Castle).

Some of the pictures we took.

Ikinari Dango

Ikinari Dango is Kumamoto’s traditional dessert. Steamed manju (not really dango) with sliced sweet potatoes and anko inside. It was named after the fact that it was easy to make for unexpected (Ikinari) guests. We tried it right outside the castle, beside the souvenir shop.


Lastly – Support Kumamoto –

I would like to share this link to support the victims of earthquake which struck Kumamoto in last April.

Website: Kumamoto Earthquakes Volunteer Fund by The Nippon Foundation

I hope the Kumamoto Castle will be restored as it used to be, but above all the recovery of all who got affected and the entire Kumamoto Prefecture. I would love to visit Kumamoto again.

See you around!


Kumamon car on the street

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  1. I also visited Kumamoto Castle in 2014 , such a great place ! I too hope and pray for restoration as soon as possible. Did you feel any of the earthquakes where you are ? We felt a few here in Nagasaki but nothing compared to the Kumamoto disaster.

  2. ᐃᓄᒃ ᑭᕙᑖ says:

    I didn’t realize the earthquake hit Kumamon’s home.

  3. I also visited Kumamoto Castle a few years ago.

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