Miyazaki Udo Jingu Shrine in Nichinan City

Hello world. It’s Mr. Wada back on duty. I would like to share our trip to Miyazaki Udo Shrine in Nichinan City.


Miyazaki Udo Jingu Shrine in Nichinan City

Nichinan is a small city in Southern Miyazaki Prefecture with population of about 50,000, but don’t underestimate. There are a bunch of cool places to visit like Miyazaki Udo-jingu Shrine. Believe it or not, this is inside the cave! It’s like a half-hour drive from central Nichinan.

OK, let’s go check it.

Walk through the entrance gate and there’s a path towards the shrine. Basically it’s admission-free (if you would like, there’s a donation box near by).

The entrance gate.


It’s right down stairs. These rocks remind me of Senjojiki Rock Formation in Shirahama City (Wakayama Prefecture) that I have previously featured. That’s one of wonders of nature.

Going down the stairs to the shrine.


Here we are. The Miyazaki Udo Jingu Shrine. People lineup for throwing coins and praying but if you aren’t into it, you can skip it and explore already.

There goes.


Feel like playing some game? Throw the balls to the rock down there. You would be blessed by getting any ball on it. (it costs 100 yen for three balls)



Aim at the circle!

I screwed! However my friend made it. (damn!)



NameMiyazaki Udo Jingu Shrine (鵜戸神宮)

3232 Miyaura, Nichinan-shi, Miyazaki

Business Hours

April – September: 6:00 – 19:00

October – March: 7:00 – 18:00

AdmissionFREE (parking is free as well)
Websitehttp://www.udojingu.com/ (in Japanese only)


Coffee Time

Here is a nice cafe around the entrance gate. The best location for your thirst! (especially in summer) However, a little crowded and chairs are few. We had to stand at the table like at a bar. Well, no big deal.

It’s got a souvenir store next door. It may be good for checking out after sipping a drink.


Iced coffee.

Alright. Let’s call it a day.



How do you find it? Even if you aren’t so into shrines, this place gives some breeze. Please take a visit if you get a chance.

See you around!

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