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Super Easy Rice Cooker Recipe: Roast Beef

Hello people. It's Mr. Wada back on duty. Christmas is right on the corner. Do you have ideas already what food to prepare? I have a suggestion for your Christmas dinner, that is, 'roast' beef'! I used a rice cooker to cook it instead of an oven. So, you could try

How to Make Instant Bread in 20 Minutes

How to Make Instant Bread_complete

Hello, it's Mr. Wada on duty. Do you have an experience that you find out you are running out of bread in the morning and feel so doomed? I do and I just did. BUT don't panic people. There is a way out. We can make instant bread in 20 MINUTES with

Super Easy Rice Cooker Recipes: Matcha Cheese Cake

Rice cooker recipes: matcha cheese cake - featured image

Hi there. It's Mr. Wada on duty. If you enjoyed the previous rice cooker recipes, here comes again. It's Matcha Cheese cake this time! It is based on the recipe book I have but I arranged a bit like I use honey instead of sugar, soy milk instead of cream, etc.

Uses of Japanese Fish Grill: Easy Homemade Pizza


Cosa succede? It's Mr. Wada on duty. Bene. Guess what this is. (tik tak tik tak)...TIME'S UP! Yes, it's a Japanese gas stove but with fish grill. It's gonna be a main thing this time. About Gas Stoves in Japan In Japan, most probably gas stoves comes with a fish grill. However, the fact is that

Super Easy Rice Cooker Recipe: Chocolate Banana Cake


Kabayan! It's Mr. Wada on duty. As I've introduced a rice cooker recipe of Kakuni last time, I feel like trying another this time. Let's try one from this rice cooker recipe book I've got. Let's Make A Chocolate Banana Cake In winter I make sweet potato cakes more often but I'm getting sick of it. It's

5 Steps to Make Onion Soup


Aloha. It's Mr. Wada on vac...DUTY, absolutely on duty. (Clearing throat)...Finally spring has come to Japan. However, it still gets a bit chilly at night. I'd get warmed up with some soup quite much this winter. Perhaps I should share a sip of this. My Favorite Soup It's just an ordinary onion

5 Steps to Make Easy Homemade Tea Snacks


Howdy? It's Mr. Wada on duty. What do you have with your drink? Cookies? Cakes? Pies? There are varieties of food at cafes but at home I suppose you just buy something and grab right? Lemme tell you about my favorite tea-time snack lately. It is called SWEET POTATO CAKE...ordinary? Hmp!